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    Michael A. Komorn focuses on medical marijuana representation. He is the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group with over 32,000 members, which advocates for medical marijuana patients and caregiver rights. Mr. Komorn is also an experienced defense attorney successfully representing many wrongfully accused medical marijuana patients and caregivers. He is a member of the Criminal Law and Marijuana Law Sections of the State Bar of Michigan.

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  1. Nearly two years ago I traced the history of why Marijuana was banned in the United States. Time magazine has researched the same origin of Marijuana prohibition and has come to the same conclusions. The plant Cannabis Sativa is only called Marijuana because it sounds spanish/Mexican. Cannabis prohibition laws were enacted to specifically criminalize otherwise lawfully abiding adult immigrants from Mexico, fleeing the violence of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. This racist policing has continued from 1910 to this very day , even after legalization has passed in a few states. Arrest r
  2. The new Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she supports expungements for past marijuana crimes. Might be an option for you if you want to get into the marijuana business.
  3. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/11/27/state-wont-close-medical-pot-shops-year/2123932002/ Lansing — Nearly 100 temporarily operating medical marijuana businesses seeking their state licenses can continue operating at least through the end of the year. The state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs agreed Tuesday that it would not shut down any pot shops before Dec. 31. The commitment from Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation Director Andrew Brisbo came just prior to the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules approving the state’s perman
  4. Try not to talk about your pending case in public, the prosecution could use any posts you make as evidence against you. In the details you provided, it will come down to a Time and Place , and whatever utterances or alleged statements made by you / your patient. If the house was locked, that's a locked and enclosed facility. But it will be a fight. Call me if you want to fight. There is established case law on this, and it is not good. in people v redden the court found that a patient could not possess more plants than their card allowed for. http://komornlaw
  5. Hi Steve, Contact my office and we can put you in touch with other investors and business owners to network with, as well as news on events and conferences across the state. 1 800 656 3557
  6. After the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, some patients are thinking they could stop paying the state $100 for the special mmp card , and just use the recreational marijuana law to grow their medicine. A patient with a registered card can use the ultimate defense and immunity to avoid a driving under the influence charge. Only adults 21 or over are protected by the new legalization law, but no one yet knows how the new law will affect driving privileges. Is the zero tolerance of THC in your blood law still in effect for adult use marijuana ? The new law is similarly
  7. Civil Asset Forfeiture is a cruel and unusual as it is executed without due process. Police have superhero power and authority to seize anything and everything they decide is part of a drug crime. The plethora of documented abuses are widespread, persistent and the majority are for seizures under $1,000 in value. Found within the 2018 Michigan Asset Forfeiture report, the majority of asset forfeiture is without judicial oversight. Without a warrant. Just police taking anything of value. https://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/nearly-1000-pe
  8. In the middle of a debate on the legalization of marijuana, the opponents to legalization made the claim, without any details or statistics, that legalizing marijuana would cause auto insurance to rise. This is another bogus claim, in a long line of bogus claims, used to continue prohibition of a plant. In the long line of false claims made by prohibitionists, the theories seem to be getting weaker and weaker as time goes by. Looking back through the claims made over the last 100 years, it is foolish to continue believing these, or anything else the prohibitionists throw at us. Marij
  9. Yes, It looks like they will be ready with the new online system very soon.
  10. report the post and a moderator will delete it for you. you can also edit the post and delete the content yourself.
  11. Patients and Caregivers are discriminated upon in many facets of life, be it employment, housing, education, student loans, banking, travelling, medical care, prescription medical care, parental rights... and in this case, Emergency Medical Care! My client is a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient who was having an emergency. An ambulance picked him up, and against his hospital preference, the ambulance took him to the U of M Ann Arbor Hospital. While at the hospital, the patient, my client, in response to the standard medical care question of "list any other medications
  12. https://www.pressherald.com/2018/06/20/canadas-official-marijuana-legalization-set-october-17/ TORONTO — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday marijuana will be legal nationwide on October 17. Trudeau said in Parliament that the government is committed to better protecting Canada’s youth and hopes to take money away from organized crime.
  13. Komorn Law PLLC is proud to report another complete dismissal of all charges for our client. These past few months we have attained a high rate of dismissals of our client’s cases. In this case our client was charged with allegations of felonious marihuana conduct; the case involved the definition of a medical marijuana plant in the law. More specifically, whether or not the plant was producing food from photosynthesis and was “living”. Of course, the prosecutor wanted to fight about the definition of “usable marihuana” too. With a splash of Manual and Mansour mixed into the fray
  14. 6 Defendants, 3 law firms, a "million dollars" of marijuana. The headlines write themselves. Were we in for a fight to the death? Not with me on the case. Other counsel were ready to fight this in circuit court, it was my idea that we should try to get this entire case dismissed at the district court level. The plan worked, all charges dismissed. The judge was also very smart, writing a complete thoughtful opinion so that if this case does get appealed, the issues will be clear. https://www.benzinga.com/government/18/07/12026544/detroit-judge-throws-out-1m-marijuana-case-i
  15. The University of Michigan is currently enrolling patients in two studies on cannabis and its use in the management of chronic pain to garner additional insights into how cannabis use affects pain management, quality of life, and the use of other pain-relieving medications. https://www.projectcbd.org/sobre-cbd/clinical-research/study-cannabis-and-chronic-pain-management https://oaksterdamuniversity.com/university-of-michigan-medical-cannabis-survey/ Study 1: In this study, you will be asked to complete an online anonymous, confidential survey. Eligibility: A
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