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  1. GG Ty for the reply. To answer your first question no Im not maxing my numbers out, would like to stay at 60 as I can do everything I need to do for my patients there, I know I will be pushing the Fed limit but in reality we are are. There will be little to no finished product that will be held there and currently since the micro-business falls under the "rec" law to the best of my knowledge my city/county is opting out and only allowing medical and the problem with that is A. I don't have a building B. I don't have required assets ( if that's still a thing have to look it up) and C.) the Hi
  2. Good Morning everyone, Its been a minute! I have seen this posted before but it was like 2010 so I thought I would give it another shot since I am having a hard time finding the answers to my questions and I know you people can HELP me out. This may get long-winded to please bear with me. I live in a small town in northern Michigan. I moved here from th Sault a few years back for a good job at the local brewery in town. Well, when COVID came along in March and the Gov closed down the state I was placed on unemployment like everyone else in the hospitality field in the state. As
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