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  1. I use RO because my well water is just too hard and salty. I add Hydrogen Peroxide once a month, and my water and lines are clean. No slime, no smell. I suppose a little bleach would do the same. Clones done with 100% RO water, no additives. 100% success rate in my home made bubble bucket. I couldn't reliably get clones to root until I installed a 1 minute on, 4 minutes off timer. I replace my 55 gallon rezs every 2 months and add back nutes until then. There is a little maintenance with the RO filter: Replace the RO membrane every 2 years. Replace the other various filters (5) ever
  2. Why does everyone assume that the guy had a gun? Chances are, the cops planted the gun. They do it all the time. It is SOP for them to carry guns to drop, in case they need to cover up an abuse of power. If a minor confrontation starts with someone running away, they are not presenting a danger, and do not deserve to be shot in the back.
  3. Todays conspiracy theorists will be tomorrows survivors. I tire of explaining the obvious to sheeple. Good for you, 1Illuminated1, for giving it a go.
  4. There are some that flush and some that don't. This system recommends keeping the ppm at 1000, which keeps the ph close to 5.8. 1000ppm is not very strong. Before I used this system, I was running as high as 1300ppm. I would try to get burnt tips. As a downside, I was always adjusting the ph and I had to flush. Now the ph hardly varies, the plants are never burnt. Green healthy leaves right up until harvest. And nutes do not build up and then have to be flushed.
  5. Do you have an idea of which product to use for hydro? None of the product details mention it.
  6. Smaller buckets in veg? How would the netpot transfer? I guess the netpot fits on the smaller bucket. I am using 5 gallon buckets in veg and flower.
  7. I dig the new logo and embedded link! Question: I know that 1/3 full, or to put it another way, 1" away from the bottom of the net pot is the proper low water level. I thought it was for both veg and flower. Someone mentioned that they thought you ran a lower low water level in your flower buckets then in your veg buckets. Is that true?
  8. My veg room is now converted to EbbFlo/DWC. I will convert the flower room in 2 months. Can't wait to see the roots!! Thanks LHB
  9. Very happy to hear this. Sorry you had to go through all the hassle, Annie. I am glad your legal woes are over.
  10. You think that ObamaCare is not a government service. You think there will be no cost to the American People? I disagree. Check this which tells that the original estimated cost of $940 BILLION is now projected to be $1.76 TRILLION over 10 years. As is the case lately with government provided lies numbers, these estimates will prove to be low.
  11. You can have your healthcare and any other government service you want. But we should not pay for government services with debt. Public services should be paid for by current government income. BTW: Telling me "if I knew what I was saying...", "Wake up and see how you look...", etc. does not endear me to your reasoning.
  12. Government cannot spend more than it takes in. This bill adds a massive amount of debt to the budget. The Big Reset will happen even sooner because of it. (sheeple: oh, that will never happen, the government will not allow it. me: hahahahahaha!)
  13. The Sheeple are so blind. Denninger
  14. Olive Oil is for making a tincture for applying externally. The Volcano is still the ultimate non-portable vaporizer. Only downside is the price.
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