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    plants 3 weeks

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    Hash Bomb at 3 weeks

    From the album: post pics

    My first grow. This is from seed. Growing in soil. Veg room is now going all hydro ebb & flo. Next cycle, the flower room will be converted to hydro ebb & flo.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an Annie that I met at the Clare picnic last month. Annie has a twin sister, who I also met.

    Are you that Annie?

  5. May I ask what donation would be appropriate for the 7 grams of honey oil?

  6. Honeyoil

    Calyx Development

    From the album: post pics

  7. Honeyoil

    Preflower Parts

    From the album: post pics

  8. Honeyoil


    From the album: post pics

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