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  1. glaucoma1

    X X X----- FOR ADULTS ONLY----- X X X ----- BUD PORN!

    I love that Dr OZ was accidently on tv when I took the pic. What strains are crossed to get the CHROME DIESEL?
  2. glaucoma1

    X X X----- FOR ADULTS ONLY----- X X X ----- BUD PORN!

    Same plant tall skinny girl ... Last one in hempy going to bubbles !
  3. glaucoma1

    X X X----- FOR ADULTS ONLY----- X X X ----- BUD PORN!

    I got gifted some sweet strains fron a SWEET Lady here are the results TRAINWRECK Pineapple Express
  4. glaucoma1

    Frist Time Dwc Journal

    Congrats on your jump in the water. I too have been absent for awhile and if BG is gonna be helpin out I will get pics and my own journal up tommorow CUZ I JUST JUMPED IN TOO ! I got 3 tub veg going and a 6 tub recirculating with 2 res's being built.
  5. glaucoma1

    Disc Golf

    ok were longgggg overdue lets go play I am by hall rd and hayes anyone?
  6. glaucoma1

    Phish At Pine Knob

    Woooooooooot What a show ! Set 1: Wolfman’s Brother, Funky complain, Sample in a Jar, NICU[1], Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Tela, Chalkdust Torture, The Wedge Set 2: Down with Disease > big jam > Fluffhead > David Bowie, Waste > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Cavern Encore: Good Times, Bad Times FOund the best ending
  7. glaucoma1

    Phish At Pine Knob

    JUNE 3rd DTE ! I will be there !
  8. glaucoma1

    Phish At Pine Knob

    OMG how could you post this WITHOUT A DATE ? I cant believe im still typing ....off to tix master
  9. glaucoma1


    BG knows more than me and should answer the rest
  10. glaucoma1

    Why Doesnt Everyone Air Clone?

    Dang it i got 15 min till I leave 4 an auction and now I GOTTA go clone !
  11. glaucoma1

    Funny Osama Shirt I Designed

    72 Virginians ....lol
  12. glaucoma1

    Whatcha Runnin'?

    Strawberry Diesel MK Ultra Purple Kush Pinapple Express Trainwreck ChemDog Gonna be a Tasty summer ! I cant wait the last 4 are new ! WOOOOOOOOT
  13. I have this and others for sale here ! http://www.cafepress.com/abcfunny
  14. glaucoma1

    Funny shirts