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  1. Medical marijuana will be a footnote within the next generation. Recreational marijuana is practically a foregone conclusion.
  2. It's legal for you to buy, so long as you have a card. It's illegal for the seller to sell.
  3. Your tolerance is going to go up kind of fast. You'll need more than you think you do, at first. edit: I'd suggest 400 watt hps for a light smoker and 1,000 watt hps for a heavy smoker. As far as estimates. I read it in a book once 20 years ago, and it's been fairly accurate.
  4. I'll stay kinda OT and say that it is growing more wide than tall with the LED. I like the Ghost,but it lacks in flavor. My favorite is a GG#4 Ghost OG hybrid - for flavor, potency and duration. I hope the flavor is great on the Ghost Train. Hoping for Haze flavor.
  5. How many F2's did you end up testing so far? Of the Bright Moments F2's.
  6. Currently testing: OG Ghost Train Haze #1, Phantom Cookies, Headband, Gorilla Glue #4; Adding East Coast Sour Diesel and something else. Quality clones, 6"/8". 300 watt LED's, running 1 currently, have 2 more to add. 2 weeks in. Post up pics.
  7. It's after you use the firearm to save your life that you would have a problem. Blood draw. There's a 5 year minimum mandatory for possession of firearm during a felony. If you're not within the letter, it could be trouble.
  8. Professional growers have a habit of making it seem hard to grow. Because then you'd figure out that you too could just grow it for $100 for 8 ounces, instead of paying $2,400 for 8 ounces. I draw the line at the quality debate. There is a big difference between growing some pot, and growing $300 an ounce commercial quality marihuana. That's reflected by the fact that most doing it, really can't do it. IMO of sampling dispensary pot all over the tri-county area for about a year on a weekly basis. We're coming from a time where anything from Seedbay half way decently grown was worth $300 an ounce, to a time where people aren't afraid of buying, it's more acceptable and more competitive. Pro quality costs more, and dare I say a lot, because you need more equipment to compete with your own growing ability. But to slam 12 plants under a 400 watt lamp doesn't take all that much skill or effort. Now, if you're bed ridden, different story. But I see a wide shopping population full of people not completely disabled or unable to grow. I grow for my mom, who is in fact 100% legitimately disabled. Should be in a wheelchair, but prefers to walk with 2 canes and no help. That's what I do to help out. Those shaming perfect strangers should start shaming their children.
  9. Common sense says, build two rooms, one veg, one bloom; tell no one, lock your front door. The law says - "(2) for each registered qualifying patient... 12 marihuana plants kept in an enclosed, locked facility; and..."
  10. You were the person who originally posted it. Some State Police pdf guide from 3 months ago. It's a bulletin that orders Troopers to arrest based on Section 333.26424 and keeping plants separate, locked and enclosed. Or, read the original law again. Section 333.26424 (2) for each registered qualifying patient who has specified that the primary caregiver will be allowed under state law to cultivate marihuana for the qualifying patient, 12 marihuana plants kept in an enclosed, locked facility; and - - - - - 12 plants, enclosed and locked facility, for each patient. That's a minimum of 5 enclosed and locked facilities for 5 patients. If you want to change light cycles among your 12 plants, start adding facilities for each registered patient. So that each patient has an enclosed and locked facility for no more than 12 of their marihuana plants. So, if you want to bloom some and vegetate some, you need 2 facilities for each patient. Each facility needs to be locked and enclosed and contain no more than 12 plants for each qualifying patient.
  11. The new state police interpretation of the law says that each set of 12 plants needs to be in a separate enclosed facility. It sounds stupid, but that could mean you need 10 rooms for 5 patients, if you're going to be flowering and blooming for 5 patients at the same time. That's 10 sets of walls and doors and locks. Also, ventilation and fans, lights, etc.
  12. That's what people need to hear. It's true. It's what people have heard all along, before the medical program came along. It's one piece of timeless information discovered by those driven to be successful at growing pot. It's the piece of information people got before anyone needed to ask permission to grow, or needed a license. Compassion, gifts, care - these are all things the few and lucky come across in life. These are a rarefied gift, a privilege. Not a right. Not a responsibility of a third party. Plus, everyone seeking compassion should start in their own backyard. Where are your children, brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles and nephews? That's purely rhetorical, by the way. It's kind of absurd to think that an army of perfect strangers would come together and help each other as family, when most people's own family won't or can't help them out. Nobody owes a patient that isn't their immediate family. It's easy to start a grow. Take the advice and pass it along. It's what needs to be said to get that prospective grower growing. Saying here's how and showing it is something everyone has to decide on their own. As I remember it, the cannabis community was always two things. Tough and willing to help, those willing to help their self.
  13. You do understand the United States has been blanketed by concentration camps and internment camps at various times in its brief history? My grandmother dated a nazi pilot interned in a prisoner of war camp in Illinois. Italians, Germans and Japanese were all groups of people that were interned or their movements were controlled during WWII. The camps are in place for an untold upcoming event or total global conflict, WWIII.
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