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    Watching Motorcycle Racing Dirt Track . Fishing from a Hi back Chair . Camping . Voicing my opinion on Patients First with affordable safe access to MM . For cannabis to be legal there must be free market transfers allowed in the qualified patient community between participants . I am not saying to do it just it must be allowed . Medical Cannabis users only ask for tolerance and free choice .

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  1. I am pretty much equating it with my past treatment under law and discussions with others about conducting activity like teaching people to make medables in a public place with cameras where a municipality may have a Federal Law Compliance mandate Then that triggers the inert weight risk which would be what level 2 or 3 . Your all teaching me it was all new today and I am trying to understand who is going to rate activities and how risk is assigned . Then I am trying to understand how patient caregivers can travel there without being at risk for DUID . I missed the Koon's show . Can you help me out Isn't the whole point to keep everyone at level 1. Becuase if a level 1 commits a level 3 they might flip and turn in a few level 2's . Yes I agree this is pretty ridiculous that criminality is involved with patients suffering at all . I don't want anyone to see a cell or be forced into foster care believe that 100% . I guess I finnly lost my patience too . I hope were laughing together because I know many of us are past hope . I do desire people help you form your clubs .
  2. I absolutely do not understand it . Once sentance in one post that could of been replied too in very simple polite terms instead of a panic . One of the moderators posting today belonged to the BACC where this discussion went on several times as well as cameras had been used in Livingston County to effect a arrest but not inside the Library at a Downtown Park There was also a arrest via camera at a local gas station . This has been a very hard day for me and I really needed to relax I am so stressed myself I do wish you well but if were all supportive of eachother truly care I would think solutions would form instead of problems or fires to put out . I gave you compliments , I spoke honestly from my heart . I have nothing to gain . I am not a felon but am not able to be a caregiver or operate any sort of business or have any hope presently . My income is representative of many under 150% of poverty and falling . Like most on disabillity I fear the cut to occur at forced retirement from SSD to SSI . I can only see Doctors that take insurance and are medicare provider's .
  3. This is a typical Library Camera Policy agreement : Digital Video Surveillance Policy Purpose Selected areas of the library are equipped with video cameras for the protection and safety of customers, employees, assets, property, and to identify persons breaking the law or violating the library’s Code of Conduct. A sign is posted at the library entrance informing the public that security cameras are in use. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the placement and use of digital video cameras and still photographs, as well as the access and retrieval of recorded digital video images and still photographs at the Shaker Heights Public Library. Video monitoring and recording will be conducted in a manner consistent with all existing local and applicable laws and ordinances. Security Camera Locations Reasonable efforts are made to safeguard the privacy of customers and employees. The video security cameras are positioned to record only those areas specified by the Director, and will complement other measures to maintain a safe and secure environment in compliance with library policies. Camera locations shall not be changed or added without permission of the Director. Cameras may be installed in locations where staff and customers would not have an expectation of privacy. Examples include common areas of the Library such as entrances, near book and media collections, public seating, delivery areas and parking lots. Cameras will not be installed in areas where staff and public have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms; nor are they positioned to identify a person’s reading, viewing or listening activities in the library. Access to Digital Images The Security Supervisor and Security Guards, in the course of their normal duties, monitor and operate the live video security system. Only the Director, Deputy Director, Security Supervisor, and designated Senior Persons are authorized to access the recorded archival data in pursuit of incidents of criminal activity, litigation, or violation of the Library Code of Conduct. Authorized individuals, with notice to the Director, may ask other staff to review recorded data to ascertain security concerns related to a specific incident. Such persons shall not violate any laws relevant to this policy in performing their duties and functions related to the video security system. Library employees are to review and comply with this policy. Use/Disclosure of Video Records Video records and still photographs may be used by authorized individuals to identify those responsible for library policy violations, criminal activity on library property, or actions considered disruptive to normal library operations. Video records may be shared with authorized library employees when appropriate or, upon approval by the Director, other library staff to identify those suspended from library property and to maintain a safe, secure and policy-compliant environment. Under certain circumstances, individuals authorized under this policy may use a still photograph or selected portions of recorded data to request law enforcement review for assessing the security risk of a specific individual or for investigating a crime on library property. Video records shall not be used or disclosed other than as specifically authorized by this policy. Video records may contain personally identifiable information about an individual who has used any library service or borrowed any library materials (“patron information”), and will be accorded the same level of confidentiality and protection provided to library users by Ohio state law (including, but not limited to ORC §149.432, “Releasing Library Record or Patron Information”), Shaker Heights Public Library policies, and the American Library Association policies on confidentiality and privacy. See Appendix A for a copy of ORC §149.432. All requests for security camera footage or still photographs by law enforcement will be referred to the Library Director. In his or her absence, direct requests to the Senior Administrative Person. In the event of a search warrant, which is executable immediately, library Administration will comply with the search warrant and consult with legal counsel. Upon receipt of a subpoena or other court order, library Administration shall consult with legal counsel to determine if the document is in proper form and that good cause for its issuance in a court of proper jurisdiction is demonstrated. If not, library Administration shall insist any defect be remedied before releasing records which contain patron information.
  4. Because it is the truth put it to Mr Komorn or any attorney to publicly deny that the cameras there can be used to collect evidence for arrest . Why you would blow this up to this proportion is beyond my understanding ? Your going to create the fear you say you wish to prevent . You want to be a leader ask a authority . This all about patient saftey right ? I will differ to the authority You won't believe anything I say if it is outside your comfort zone .
  5. Right do a search I am sure you will find evidence your a grown man .
  6. I have no problem with a moderator . But thank you for the assistance .
  7. Where is there any bad advice there ? People have been convicted of criminal acts based on library footage in this Country . If you weren't aware of it you are now .
  8. Pretty much we show the legislators everyday that we can't get along . Very sad .
  9. Where is anyone suggesting a person should not help or do anything ?
  10. This is the PM it has nothing to do filming at a Library . you trying to get people to not help? Why are you sabotaging my thread?
  11. Because this is a public forum and one needs to see how the moderator deteriorated and is attacking another patient . I am tired of receiving PMs from people wanting to control the threads here . The thread is self explanatory as well as the disconnects . We can't read everyones purpose into a thread and help massage it . Infact the thread received no attention until others including myself posted .
  12. Nobody is trying to sabotage anything if you want a controlled thread don't post in a open to the public forum this has been happening allot lately . Nobody is out to get you I hope you get all the help you need .
  13. Celliach Celliach Advanced Member Moderators 1,072 posts Sent Today, 11:02 AM Are you trying to get people to not help? Why are you sabotaging my thread? Kelley's Kaleidoscope Proud Member of Michigan Cannabis Patients Secretary/Treasurer of The Dickinson County Compassion Club "The UP's oldest and only compassion club."
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