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  1. I am pretty much equating it with my past treatment under law and discussions with others about conducting activity like teaching people to make medables in a public place with cameras where a municipality may have a Federal Law Compliance mandate Then that triggers the inert weight risk which would be what level 2 or 3 . Your all teaching me it was all new today and I am trying to understand who is going to rate activities and how risk is assigned . Then I am trying to understand how patient caregivers can travel there without being at risk for DUID . I missed the Koon's show . Can you he
  2. I absolutely do not understand it . Once sentance in one post that could of been replied too in very simple polite terms instead of a panic . One of the moderators posting today belonged to the BACC where this discussion went on several times as well as cameras had been used in Livingston County to effect a arrest but not inside the Library at a Downtown Park There was also a arrest via camera at a local gas station . This has been a very hard day for me and I really needed to relax I am so stressed myself I do wish you well but if were all supportive of eachother truly care I would think s
  3. This is a typical Library Camera Policy agreement : Digital Video Surveillance Policy Purpose Selected areas of the library are equipped with video cameras for the protection and safety of customers, employees, assets, property, and to identify persons breaking the law or violating the library’s Code of Conduct. A sign is posted at the library entrance informing the public that security cameras are in use. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the placement and use of digital video cameras and still photographs, as well as the access and retrieval of recor
  4. Because it is the truth put it to Mr Komorn or any attorney to publicly deny that the cameras there can be used to collect evidence for arrest . Why you would blow this up to this proportion is beyond my understanding ? Your going to create the fear you say you wish to prevent . You want to be a leader ask a authority . This all about patient saftey right ? I will differ to the authority You won't believe anything I say if it is outside your comfort zone .
  5. Right do a search I am sure you will find evidence your a grown man .
  6. I have no problem with a moderator . But thank you for the assistance .
  7. Where is there any bad advice there ? People have been convicted of criminal acts based on library footage in this Country . If you weren't aware of it you are now .
  8. Pretty much we show the legislators everyday that we can't get along . Very sad .
  9. Where is anyone suggesting a person should not help or do anything ?
  10. This is the PM it has nothing to do filming at a Library . you trying to get people to not help? Why are you sabotaging my thread?
  11. Because this is a public forum and one needs to see how the moderator deteriorated and is attacking another patient . I am tired of receiving PMs from people wanting to control the threads here . The thread is self explanatory as well as the disconnects . We can't read everyones purpose into a thread and help massage it . Infact the thread received no attention until others including myself posted .
  12. Nobody is trying to sabotage anything if you want a controlled thread don't post in a open to the public forum this has been happening allot lately . Nobody is out to get you I hope you get all the help you need .
  13. Celliach Celliach Advanced Member Moderators 1,072 posts Sent Today, 11:02 AM Are you trying to get people to not help? Why are you sabotaging my thread? Kelley's Kaleidoscope Proud Member of Michigan Cannabis Patients Secretary/Treasurer of The Dickinson County Compassion Club "The UP's oldest and only compassion club."
  14. I beg to differ with you but security cameras run at many libraries 24/7 in all parts not just the computer rooms . Cameras are a part of life and law enforcement everywhere in public even our County Recreation Building has them as well as some Parks .
  15. w From DEA at the Law Symposium in Detroit 3 years ago . Depending on the Library any footage of activity not in compliance with all Federal State or Local Law is fair game under Homeland Security or FOI to EPIC or FBI though I reasoned State and Local Law Enforcement may not be able to question medical cannabis activity . We have seen resistance to that concept within the State . Similar to what is enforced on University Campuses receiving Federal Monies . Where or if it actually has occured sorry I wouldn't have a clue and you should find comfort in that . I am sure they know who you
  16. From looking your not in compliance in time frame on the Doctors recommendation and I have seen a patient denial that was way outside the 15 days Lara is required to comply with so watch for one . In this patients case the letter was dated correct but the actual mailing was weeks late . I am so sorry to say you may need to submit a NEW application at this point if you could not comply with a renewal denial before the cards expiration . I think it is best to assume they will catch the error . They keep your money on file for a year unless you state you no longer wish to be a participant Th
  17. http://batchgeo.com/map/176332a190be19c8e444b549384a06cc There are many patients out there that could benefit from caregiver assistance that are untapped because they can't attend meetings or are confused what to do because they need to grow themselves do to cost . They need starter supplies if nothing else but it is so hard to find caregivers who are not interested in holding the patients plants or profit first and formost .Creating legal distribution and assistance via level one compliance with respect for the current understanding of being unambiguous within the Act by being a care
  18. My understanding was few clubs desired to cooperate and form under one State Wide orginization passing up money needed for one . The clubs were motivated by having caregivers find patients while we all know there are way more caregivers then patients whom can afford not to grow let alone 5 per . Someone told me the ratio is near 1 caregiver now for 3 patients . I further heard many in lost interest because there was no fun built in and the educational meetings were the same thing over and over with people so ill they had trouble attending without any abillity to medicate or at all and n
  19. "These groups would introduce patients to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA), help them with emotional support, registration, discuss current legal and legislative news, provide a safe enviroment for patients to meet caregivers, as well as other actions to support the local medical marijuana (MMJ) community. They are not for sharing medicine, seeds or clones. Members of cancer support groups do not bring their medications to meetings to share with everyone else, and neither should the members of a compassion club." How many cancer patients grow their own medicine and belong to suppo
  20. After one has their perpetual garden set in one can make tea from their leaf( maybe not depending on prosecutors there ) , if one uses their sugar leaves they will be especially rewarded . I do not think people are expressing enough how the longer one matures their cannabis in flower the more sleep properties develop . This was one nice discovery when using a perpetual garden and only harvesting within reasonable limits to follow the set in section 4 . I have never lost potency from flowering longer . I saw someone speak of a strain where they flowered for 7 months . I have one plant
  21. Please explain exactly how this law itself is corrupt and whom and how it hurts anyone like your claiming . The basic reality is we all can be injured or fall sick at anytime and it is a necessity care is preformed and paid for . The best way to handle this necessity is that everyone participates in self insuring all Americans . The old way of letting individuals just declare bancruptcy or ignore hospital bills who had no insurance was injuring too many and causing our hospital system to become weak and charge ridiculous prices to those who had insurance or could pay . People making under $14
  22. Medical care for all Citizens is a necessity and eventually we must drive out the corrupted influences that are leading to injury and neglect of those unable to help themselves . It is frustrating to experience a harsher and more hopeless death then one had hoped from ignorance of ones time especially when nobody else can feel the pain caused by failed treatments or cares . Try a community clinic though most are broke without Government funding right now .If you meant you can't go to a Doctor because you will be treated as a criminal for being on the program I don't know what to tell y
  23. For additional thought . A patient having a grow room has no effect on circuits greater then adding a air conditioner or 1100 watt microwave and it can be done without harming anything . My insurance company had no problem with a patient grow but when one became a caregiver growing in excess of 12 plants interested in any operation that involved compensation , then they considered it a business in need of commercial coverage and compliance with zoning regulations ( right to farm act ? ) . Regulation is constantly elevating expenses as medical cannabis matures .
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