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  1. You're on a blog called "The Art of the Marijuana Industry". "Art" as in the graphic and packaging design trends within the industry. Hence the beginning of the sentence you addressed, "I've yet to find the designer...". Let me know if there's anything else I can help out with.
  2. In a significant decision that recognized a private right of action for employment discrimination under the AMMA, Arizona U.S. District Judge James A. Teilborg said last week that Walmart was not justified in firing the worker based on the company's idea that marijuana metabolites in her urine meant she must have been impaired at work. Read the full article here
  3. This one is just exciting to look at! Highlighter was a project taken on by a San Fransisco based agency named Pavement. The overall goal was to completely change the game in the medical/rec industries, and have certainly set a new bar for packaging and presentation quality in the industry. If the goal is to make the product feel like a special treasure to be kept forever, they've certainly achieved it IMO! Check out the article by Theresa Christine Johnson. Addresses some of the new trends in the industry, and highlights some of the problems with the old approaches
  4. This is a brand put out by a group called Pure Green. I've yet to find the designer, but the work speaks for itself! Very clean, concise, and direct approach to packaging design. Has somewhat of a modern slant on the old apothecary labels you'd see in a local pharmacy. Don't necessarily agree with the centering of the upper logomark, but overall, a very recognizable and solid piece of design work.
  5. This is a brand developed by a branding, packaging, and web designer named Jamie Lee in collaboration with Nathan Sharp. For me personally, this one really changed the game as far as branding and design approach in the industry. The layout is solid, the font choices agree, the use of open space harmonizes beautifully, and it completely stands out among it's competition. Center shelf material all day! Def check out her work, she's an amazing artist! https://jamiesayshello.squarespace.com/
  6. Man, not sure how to deal with someone coming at me like this. Thanks for looking all of that up for me though, I appreciate it! Either way, you should totally think something like this is BS. To me, just about everything is BS until I see it happen in front of me.
  7. That's very interesting. Always wondered what was happening when you get the rumble from yawning.
  8. lol, that would be crazy to win that much for something so small. Seems like anyone could do it if they tried. Checked it out, and only counts for Australian residents I guess. Also, def wouldn't want anyone to know who I am. Would be terrible getting that much attention.
  9. Yes, the phone and getting a thought of a certain person and then seeing them has happened more than a few times to me. Don't know much of anything about finding frequency though. I'll have to see what exercises are used and how you know you've hit it. The most common one is my wife and I thinking about each other, then we hear one another, as if we'd said something. The interesting thing with that one is we do hear each other's voices when it happens. We also used to play with the 3rd eye and see if we could move a small paper clip looped over a coat hanger. Basically causing as little fricti
  10. I have personally seen some individuals have irrational reactions after imbibing, but only from people that seemed to already have some kind of mental imbalance. Never from a seemingly healthy individual. If I've had a larger-than-normal dose, I will get a feeling of being on-edge and feel guilty about some unnamed thing. I like that sometimes though. Good way to get into your own head and self-assess. I can certainly see if someone has more of a polarity issue, or severe depression, you could get less good out of it than bad. One thing that is very interesting to me though is the 3rd eye feel
  11. Thanks for the tips and advice, I really appreciate it! Yes, def need to check out some of the expos. A blog is an awesome idea! Thx for the tip on that! No, I'm not big in any way. Just one guy with a computer and a dream. I'd be happy to donate anyway though Quick question on the "licensing" subject. Would I need to be licensed by the state in some way to advertise/sell a design service through MMMA? Ultimately, all I do is work with people as a graphic designer and branding developer. I don't actually sell any physical products. Thanks again for the advice and help
  12. Hi Everybody, I'm a designer, and have worked with many canna groups over the past few years developing branding and packaging design, but vary rarely in Michigan. This is something I'm very passionate about as a medical patient, and as a designer that wants to contribute to Michigan businesses. I'd love more opportunities to work with people from my home state and help support this growing market, but it's been very hard to connect with companies. Is there a specific area to post services like this through MMMA, or another Michigan-specific site that is more suited for this? I
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