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  1. I'm thinking of making my cookbook available again. With the legalization of the plant, I've been asked for input. I may be able to offer the booklet for as little as $5 + postage. I may make it to the Hash Bash for some street sales, or find a dispensary wanted to do some sales. Might this be a good move for me? https://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/chocolates-infusions-medical-edibles-and-more-compiled-by-ms-chocolate/Content?oid=2201919
  2. Thanks Restorium2. I've not purchased from a dispensary. I wasn't aware of the 5% tax.
  3. So you can have a medical and a recreational grow? 24 plants per person, if they have a medical card?
  4. Would that be Section 4.2 2. This act does not limit any privileges, rights, immunities, or defenses of a person as provided in the Michigan medical marihuana act, 2008 IL 1, MCL 333.26421 to 333.26430, the medical marihuana facilities licensing act, 2016 PA 281, MCL 333.27101 to 333.27801, or any other law of this state allowing for or regulating marihuana for medical use.
  5. I found these questions, elsewhere. Can any of you provide answers? What effects will the legalization of marijuana in Michigan have of those people with medical marijuana cards? Will medical cards become void? Will the cost of the cards decrease? Will recreation users be able to purchase from medical “provisional” centers? Will those with cards have to pay the sales tax? Will card holders be able to have/grow what they are allowed via their cards; AND what legalization allows?
  6. I started with pottery to create a urn for my child, this morphed into my creating pipes & trays. I got a lifetime, the person causing the death only got 2 years. Thanks for your reply
  7. Some of you are aware of the situation I was placed into a few years back. Life will never be what it was, but I did learn a new hobby. I made ceramic pipes and trays. What do you think of them?
  8. Less than am 1/8, and this deputy felt the need to arrest this woman! I hope those who know this deputy rides his butt. Was the paperwork even worth it. And in the end it was treated as if she had forgotten her car registration. Most of the people I deal with are over the age of 50. I encourage all, even those who use once-in-a-blue-moon, to keep their cards active. Whatever happens in November, keep your card active.
  9. Awww, the card rush of 2009! Remember the 1st expo, on Michigan Ave in Detroit?
  10. Years ago, I posted a study I found that was done on women- infants- and children in Jamaica; of course I can't find it now. There was no mention of any adverse effects. It the time, I'd asked an Ob/Gyn her opinion of cannabis use and pregnancy. She mentioned that cannabis had been used by woman around the world for hundreds of years and that the babies born were no more sick or crazy than ant other baby. She did stress that because of the laws in this country she would not recommend and would in fact discourage her patients cannabis use.
  11. A doctor can write you a recommendation to use marijuana, but he/she cannot dictate who you have for your caregiver! If the person you're using as the person who is to provide for you is providing you with crap, drop them. You are not required to have a caregiver. Since you're using a dispensary anyway, pay the $10 and do without. You can always a new one, once a good one is found.
  12. Just wanted to say hello.   I'll stop by every now and then  to check new contents. Still dealing with life-events. I hope to be at A2 the weekend of the 6th, if so, hope to see you. Hope all is well.

  13. Okay. I was reading the blog piece. Where section 4 is mentioned, it said 2.5 ox of usable marijuana and a combined total of. Wanted to make certain before I pass the info to others. Thanks!
  14. You were right to have your material contained. the container did not need to be locked, but it did need to be in the back of the vehicle, not the center console. The material you carried will not be legal until December 25, 2016. You could be charged not, pay whatever expenses, than come back after Christmas to have those charges dismissed, causing additional expenses.
  15. Am I correct that the new rules become effective on December 25 2016?
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