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  1. Ms Chocolate

    Just showing off

    I started with pottery to create a urn for my child, this morphed into my creating pipes & trays. I got a lifetime, the person causing the death only got 2 years. Thanks for your reply
  2. Ms Chocolate

    Just showing off

    Some of you are aware of the situation I was placed into a few years back. Life will never be what it was, but I did learn a new hobby. I made ceramic pipes and trays. What do you think of them?
  3. Less than am 1/8, and this deputy felt the need to arrest this woman! I hope those who know this deputy rides his butt. Was the paperwork even worth it. And in the end it was treated as if she had forgotten her car registration. Most of the people I deal with are over the age of 50. I encourage all, even those who use once-in-a-blue-moon, to keep their cards active. Whatever happens in November, keep your card active.
  4. Ms Chocolate

    A Rush To A MM Card

    Awww, the card rush of 2009! Remember the 1st expo, on Michigan Ave in Detroit?
  5. Years ago, I posted a study I found that was done on women- infants- and children in Jamaica; of course I can't find it now. There was no mention of any adverse effects. It the time, I'd asked an Ob/Gyn her opinion of cannabis use and pregnancy. She mentioned that cannabis had been used by woman around the world for hundreds of years and that the babies born were no more sick or crazy than ant other baby. She did stress that because of the laws in this country she would not recommend and would in fact discourage her patients cannabis use.
  6. A doctor can write you a recommendation to use marijuana, but he/she cannot dictate who you have for your caregiver! If the person you're using as the person who is to provide for you is providing you with crap, drop them. You are not required to have a caregiver. Since you're using a dispensary anyway, pay the $10 and do without. You can always a new one, once a good one is found.
  7. Just wanted to say hello.   I'll stop by every now and then  to check new contents. Still dealing with life-events. I hope to be at A2 the weekend of the 6th, if so, hope to see you. Hope all is well.

    1. zapatosunidos


      Thanks, good to hear from you again. I will likely be in Ann Arbor that weekend too.

  8. Ms Chocolate

    Am I Right That The Amount You Can Have Will Increase?

    Okay. I was reading the blog piece. Where section 4 is mentioned, it said 2.5 ox of usable marijuana and a combined total of. Wanted to make certain before I pass the info to others. Thanks!
  9. Ms Chocolate

    Improper Transport Clinton County Need Help

    You were right to have your material contained. the container did not need to be locked, but it did need to be in the back of the vehicle, not the center console. The material you carried will not be legal until December 25, 2016. You could be charged not, pay whatever expenses, than come back after Christmas to have those charges dismissed, causing additional expenses.
  10. Ms Chocolate

    4210 / Dispensaries

    Am I correct that the new rules become effective on December 25 2016?
  11. I've been away, dealing with a personal matter. I still have people asking me about the MMJ laws and my doing workshops. In reading the latest amendments; am I correct that a patient can have 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana in addition to 2.5 ounces of marijuana equivalents? What is marijuana in a gaseous form?
  12. It was not necessary for the legislators to develop a bill that allows landlords to restrict marihuana use. All the landlord had to do was include a no smoking clause in the rental contract, including what is meant by smoking. They could easily say that the rental space could not be used for aquiculture. I parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme would be allowed, state as much. I agree with state Sen. Rebekah Warren when she said, “In your own home should be the place that you can take your medicine”. This may be your home, but it’s somebody else house. What I would prefer is a law that says that all houses offered for sale must state whether it was used for growing cannabis. I don’t usually agree with Sen. Rick Jones, but he is correct in the damage an indoor growth can cause. Even a 12-plant operation can leave the house with water, fire, and mold damage. There may be a smell that stays, as well as dangerous jimmy-rigged fixes.
  13. No longer a patient, but a consumer. It would be nice to be except from penalty in any matter. This allows for the legal use of resin, the MMMA does not! People homes/houses would become "marihuana establishments" if they grow, and a "marihuana produce manufacturing facility if the do cookies of balms. "school property" would no longer include pre-schools, arcades, churches. You are only under the influence of marihuana if you are attempting to operate a motor vehicle. 2.5 oz or less should be transferred to the consumer at no cost. You can have as many clones as you want, as long as they are less than 12x12 in size. anything produced from said plants cannot be sold. If a purchase of marihuana is made for recreational use, there will be a 10% tax. There is no tax to purchases made for medical use. There is no label requirement for topicals. WOW!
  14. We are indeed the Animal Farm, a place where we are all equal. It's just that some are more equal than others!