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  1. Use tickets I believe are about as petty as loitering where present. It means he didn't bust you for having anything, like if a group of people were caught smoking and one fesses up to having the weed the rest may get a use ticket. I wouldn't sweat it wouldn't be worth the costs to try and fight it without a card, just jump through some hoops give me some cash that's what they want.
  2. If anyone happens to get down on dota 2 add me on steam account - Tacomancer
  3. Hiya pal! Long time nice to see you're still around!

  4. Bob glad to see you and your wife are doing well! I hope all the issues of many moons ago are long past! And Trix you're tutorials on cooking are awesome! I actually printed out a few for my girlfriend to try as we normally just stick to butter but want to try oils and flour! Also glad to see and hear the drama has ceased for the most part, It really was a shame how the whole forum got split so fast without many of the truths of the matter being told, I really used to be very very attached to this forum and many of its members, I still keep in touch on the personal level with some former members, and I'm hoping to rekindle some old friendships after a 6 month break from everything to clear up posi-legal issues I feel so distant from any forms community.
  5. 3000 Posta wow pic you're doing your part eh! And willy miss ya man, this whole work with no computer thing dampens my interweave time.
  6. Been off for basically two years just checking in saying hello. Any old timers from the early days still around? Would like to rebuild my contacts network.
  7. He's gotta point its a little dif when people catch wind of lots of vendors under one roof in the hood. Ill walk Detroit all day I love it down there but ill be damned if I'm rolling with weight and advertising it.
  8. Jim, glad to see ya back again lets make this place unsafe for the easily offended again haha!
  9. Absolute power corrupts absultely
  10. what a godsend, I got 6 new crosses finishing up, depending on how my test run goes ill be running down this list for additional testers xD
  11. I notice a swing with lucas in my DWC, I use tap, my tap is 125ppm, 6.3ph naturally, almost to good to be true, gotta RO but need new filters and have been lazy since seeing how clean my tap water really is. I let em bubble overnight just tap then add nutrients and netpot. Just mixing 8/16 per gallon I pull down to about 5.6-5.7 range, then after about a week it swings up to about 6.1, I bring add back and bring it down to 5.3 and let it swing back up to 6.0, generally takes a little over a week and thats when the res changes out again. I find that I get less mag issues lettings it sweep up to the low 6's then When I was holding a 5.5-5.8.
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