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  1. Right on greenbudha . I don't know why people would want to manipulate the system. If you are a patient, and your roommate is a patient, you could have 24 plants and sufficient amount to be supplied to your patient up to 2.5 oz. But do you really think a judge or police officer would read the law that way allowing the two of you to have 10 oz between you? That is slightly more than half a pound of medicine between the two of you. Why would you need so much? My recommendation would be to only have 2.5 oz each max sitting around, and any remainder curing in jars, locked away, with dates. If you do get raided, this is probably the only way you can avoid going to jail. I would also make sure to identify the plants that are yours to make sure there is no confusion. You should also keep good records. Good luck to both of you and if your really concerned, just don't do it. It is much easier to defend if you don't try to interpret the law. The intent is to allow you to have sufficient medicine, not to stockpile it.
  2. avgjoe is right! The only issue is if you have a lot of plumbing. The more tubing you use in your system, the larger pressure drop you get. Try to mimimize the length of tubing if you can. Also bends will drop pressure as well as splices. Good luck! One good suggestion - always go bigger, it won't hurt (unless you heat up too much). I have a chiller so I am not too concerned.
  3. This will work, but what it neglects to tell you is how to change the water or how to keep it cool? The pump will add heat and the roots will grow into the water. You will need to add a simple air stone to help from choking the roots. You will need some way to keep the reservoir cool. I had to buy a chiller. I was lucky, since I found a used one for $150 less than brand new, but it was still $200. You need to keep your temp at around 70 degrees. This is very hard to do at room temp, with a pump and light overhead. Make sure to use foam on top of the box to insulate it from the light. Cut it into slats and put holes for the stems. This works well to avoid the temp increase from the light. Make sure you have a good space to work in so you are not cramped. You need to put a drain in to empty your res. every 1 to 2 weeks. I would strongly recommend you work with someone who has done this. My first attempt I almost lost all of my clones and had to switch to mix. I also had a lot of leak problems to solve. This was because I made my system more complex to use the pump to drain the water also. The last advice I can give is to measure everything and record everything - pH, temp, nute levels (buy a truncheon - on e-bay. Also consider the water source, you might have issues with harndess. Good luck, this bunny muffin rocks! I could not believe the results once you figure it out!
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