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  1. just maybe he has a iPhone,iPad,epad and is in a hot spot and use's his facbook or tweeter and is not so much of a computer guy and knows not what he does sometimes people are on the fly and the phone's do things for him
  2. then how do we all get the truth out to the people ? if people can't say anything
  3. Her mother is 92, lives in Monroe and takes medical marijuana legally in the form of candy, hoping to ease her chronic back pain. #It has taken the daughter four months to find the right doctor and the legal outlet that supplies the medicinal drug. #The daughter, who also lives in Monroe, feels that since voters approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, she simply is taking advantage of a law in her pursuit to help her ailing mother. #But it’s not that easy for her. The law, she said, is complicated legally and society still hasn’t totally embraced the idea. #“I feel like a criminal,” said the daughter, who declined to be identified by name. “I don’t think anybody knows the law. #It’s a joke. It’s a farce.” Read more at: http://www.monroenews.com/news/2013/mar/15/medical-marijuana-user-i-feel-criminal/ and did they tell her to come also?
  4. it was good that people went out of their way to show up and thats how things should be working together as one and for the same goal's
  5. Piazza said that an independent examination of Mellentine's blood sample showed no levels of THC. In addition, Piazza said, the state police have changed its minimum THC requirements from 0.2 to 0.3. who changed it? P.H.C i think not
  6. i agree and we all need to support each other and bad together or we will lose this law
  7. JACKSON, MI – Everyone who wishes Jackson could be more like Ann Arbor had to feel nice Friday. Marijuana-rights protesters gathered to carry signs and chantoutside the Jackson County Tower Building in Arborish style. “Hey, hey, ho, ho,” they said. “Bill Schuette’s got to go.” Schuette is the state attorney general vilified by people who support medical marijuana. It was a colorful sight on Michigan Avenue. Two protesters wore white masks with significance that escaped me, and perhaps them. One particularly enthusiastic chanter wore a “Highway 420” shirt, referencing a slang expression for consuming cannabis. “You could make some money out here selling hot dogs,” one bystander said. “I wish I had the Doritos concession,” remarked another. It is fashionable to write off the medical-marijuana movement as a fringe group, a fact I discovered two weeks ago in feedback from upstanding citizens annoyed by my soft-on-weed views. Softness on weed was not my intention. I didn’t say anything good, bad or indifferent about marijuana or its medicinal value. What I said was this: Medical marijuana is only kinda-sorta legal four years after the voters of Michigan legalized it, which is not the way things should work in a healthy democracy. Similar reasoning on the way things should work leads me to disagree with the protesters’ outrage at Prosecuting Attorney Jerard Jarzynka’s crackdown on medical-marijuana dispensaries in Jackson County. Jarzynka deserves zero blame. His job is to enforce the law, and the Michigan Supreme Court says dispensaries are against the law. Highway 420 evidently wants Jarzynka to ignore the Supreme Court, based on his nearly three months of experience as a county prosecutor. That is not the way the law works, nor the way it should work. The problem is, state government has created no legal method for selling medical marijuana to people who qualify for it. That is not my definition of legalizing something. Many upstanding citizens and elected leaders believe this situation is OK because, in their view, voters made a mistake or were hoodwinked. If so, the thing to do is overturn the 2008 vote at the ballot box. For every 37 voters in Michigan who opposed legalization of medical marijuana, 63 supported it. It passed in all 83 counties, including ones always described as Republican, conservative and religious. Ottawa County, for example, gave John McCain 61 percent of its vote for president over Barack Obama. In the same election, Ottawa County supported medical marijuana, although barely. In Jackson County, birthplace of the Republican Party, medical marijuana passed with 59 percent of the vote. Nearly 5,000 more Jackson County voters supported legalization than voted for Obama. That was no fringe group. That was Michigan.
  8. he did do a good job but i was hoping to learn something new about the Law as of April 1 and felt like he didn't know ether
  9. Mike Arney Police and prosecutors throughout Michigan are still struggling with issues related to the enforcement of the state's medical marijuana law. Berrien County Prosecutor Art Cotter spent a good deal of time Thursday morning talking with a committee of the Berrien County Board of Commissioners about the law, which voters passed in 2008. Commissioner Mack Elliott says there have been a lot of unintended consequences. Listen: Elliott says the ballot proposal was worded to get people to believe they would be approving medical marijuana for those who were in severe pain or chronically ill. He says regulations have been lax and unenforced, leading to the state having the second-highest number of medical marijuana patients in the nation and nearly five-times more than in all of Canada. http://www.wsjm.com/Issues-Remain-With-Medical-Marijuana-Law/15800408
  10. i think it is for sure that may end up in Oakland County power they have always wanted it
  11. if i were you and the ity comes down on you i would just get a Lawyer and maybe file a Law suit
  12. 7(e) All other acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act do not apply to the medical use of marihuana as provided for by this act. this was talked about at the Monroe meeting today for about 2 seconds
  13. HB 4271 has a few other issues that must be considered as well before the bill is finalized before it has my full support. I will wait to see what the final version looks like before I can make the final decision to support or fight it. that sounds fair to me
  14. i agree and would add he does to seam like a person but with the track record as with other PA sometime you get painted with the same brush
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