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  1. The real Pre 98 Bubba Kush has been in Michigan for awhile. I've been running it since around 2000. I lost it for a few years and had to go with a seed form for a little while which was actually quite good. I was a happy camper when I finally got her back several years ago. Coffee, Chocolate, and Kush, with the exact effect you describe. She's a keeper that once you find, you'll never want to get rid of her. Peace, Porc
  2. I'll pm you when I talk to him next and let you know when he'll be in state. Peace, Porc
  3. Quimby is a neighborhood in Eugene that is famous for it's blues scene. Robert Cray paid his dues there early on. It's a college town and neighborhood DJ and his son used to like. King, I believe October is the next time DJ plans on being here if you care to meet him. Let me know and I can get you to a meet and greet or club visit. Peace
  4. Great strain if you can still find original cuts. The original Silver Pearl was also a great strain to breed with. Peace
  5. I'm alive and still kicking. Hope things are well your way. Peace
  6. Never had it tested but I would say it was quite high, I think the CBD's are also high as it has a nice effect on sleep. One of these days I'll get around to having the cut tested. Peace
  7. Thanks Brian, nice to hear from you! Peace, Porc/KF
  8. I have some original going that was gifted to me by DJ himself. PM me. Peace. Porc/KF
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  11. The Art of Cannabis: Remember that ArtPrize 2011 started today in Grand Rapids and runs for another two weeks. ArtPrize 2011 Bring the family to downtown Grand Rapids and you won't be disappointed. It's absolutely beautiful this time of year, and with over 1500 artists from around the world displaying their creations throughout the city, predominately in the downtown area, is the icing on the cake. THE SALMON ARE RUNNING!!! Make sure to check out the Fish Ladder downtown at the Sixth st. Dam. Peace, Porc
  12. We have a girl, Krazy Kush #1: Peace, Porc
  13. Nice start Brother Mos. There's going be some interesting pheno's in the mix there for sure. Peace, Porc
  14. It's always a good idea to give a flush every three weeks or so with r/o water or a flushing solution such as Clearex. It's definately not going to hurt anything, and could possibly help to head off, or correct, any overcompensation's that could eventually appear. R/O water is perfect to flush with but, if you have the Clearex already you may as well use it up. Peace, Porc
  15. How High The Moon!!! A couple more ladies just a touch over two weeks in, Blueberry: Larry: Peace, Porc
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