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  1. Hello NEED Help in The GREAT UPNORTH Can U Help MR NICEGUY

  2. I agree 100% who do they do these test on 100 yr olds... no disrespect to anyone lol
  3. if dr kenewell would have just showed up this would all be over with..... Just like the other dr's have said i would have qualified when the law was put in, due to my injury. so when I was raided I would have been covered. I guess the court is now going to let my new doctor come in, not sure if it will matter now... Contempt of court seems like the way to go... Dr kenewell said he will not see anyone with legal issues, on the other hand I have talked to about 20 or so doctors that have all said your legal status has nothing to due with your medical needs..
  4. trix yes we did speak at the royal oak meeting... It was a wonderful experience coming down there.. I will come back for sure next month if im still free. Thank you everyone for the support.. I think I might just get held in contempt of court.. I bought the hot chocolate w/o marshmellows and sugar free for my diabetic friends...
  5. well they offered me a two year charge of maintaining a drug house, if not were going to jury trial......... For the sake of medical marijuana in lapeer I will have to deny the plea and pray to god my peers are patients or family members of patients.................................................lapeer needs this win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my lawyer says I have a 10% chance of winning the trial, without mentioning medical marijuana....... lets add a 0 to that 10% and make it 100%.......
  6. I would love to hire mr komorn, money is just not there and the man has so many pro bono cases right now, I have faith in the plant, and feel that with the support of my friends we will win in the long run.............
  7. no victim no crime its simple, none of us need to be locked away..... I stand with you 1000% oman, screw there pleas...... they want me to plea guilty, they'll keep it a felony give me a year in jail, a year of probation and loss of my drivers license for a year. what does my drivers license have to do with what they found at my house? or risk up to 8years....... It sounds foolish but I have to turn down the plea for the sake of medical patients in lapeer. We need to tell them that we will not stand for this crap..... again lapeer voted 68% yes for the medical law.....
  8. Thank You Mizerman, It would be an honor to have you and bob beside me, it would be an honor to have anyone here behind me. the address is 255 clay st lapeer, mi 48446 date 2-23-2011 court is at 9:00am. The court opens at 8am so were meeting around 7:45am so we can rally while the jury comes through. I plan to print about a hundred 8*10 replicas of my card, and some medical marijuana info. anyone have any card apps im sure we could pass those out too..... we should have plenty of hot chocolate working on the coffee situation this week.. God bless you all. Thank you all for the support and prayers..........
  9. I will try my hardest to get a sitter for friday, I will be at the trial for sure
  10. the lapeer prosecutor is so against our law, yet he tells tv cameras that he is ok with the law.............. look at this nasty letter about tim beck, co-authored by byron K http://www.mlive.com/opinion/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/07/sheriff_prosecutor_attorney_ge.html
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