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  1. I have traded and bought from Greg and he's a stand up guy. He's not asking alot, he travels and guarantees them. I have been satisfied thus far. On another note I also give away extra clones and cuttings to those patients truely in need who want to grow their own meds, but can't afford the good genetics to start; when my count permits that is.
  2. Thanks! I think I'll go as big as I can get, my cage is 20x15 I beleive, so I should be able to manage 10 good ones for sure. I'll post pics start to finish. I'm planting Memorial Day weekend! Thanks again! BP
  3. I'm doing an outdor medical grow this year and have contaminated soil in the area I live from an old oil spill, so I'm thinking about going with rubbermaid 40-50 gallon totes for containers, lava rock and hardware cloth for drainage. I looking for some feedback from those who have grown outdoors with containers before to see if the size is large enough; or overkill. Any coments would be appreciated. BP
  4. Cool Beans! I just came back from the garden center and I think I'm gonna roto some time released nutrients in to the garden bed to start and see where it goes; then add what's needed when the time is right. Thanks a bunch. BP
  5. Hello fellow patients, just wondering what people like to use for nutrients outdoors. I will be having a outdoor garden this summer and was told not to waste money on the type of nutrients that I use indoors. i was thinking about running the complete FF line outdoors. Indoors I use BioBizz. I'm growing in FF Ocean forest and Promix 50/50 blend of the 2, and plan on the same outdoors, as my yard is primarily clay soil. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks BP
  6. I tied my strawberry cough together a week ago on the advice of a close freind, It really increased the bud development. I have buds forming allover and closer together than on many other sativa strains I've grown in the past without LSTing them. I'm convinced it works. Here's a pic of my girls from yesterday. From left to right they are Sour deisel, Alaskan Ice, and the Strawberry Cough. I tied all her branches in tighter, and trained the top, all of thiss after I super cropped the bunny muffin out of her. Well can't seem to get the pics up on here; Sorry! BP
  7. Nope no yellowing yet, the AI is dropping leaves like dead flies though, I'll take some pics of them tonight before the sun goes down. I have another patient freind who got the same Straw. C. and he's a week ahead of me and his is starting to explode; also no yellowing on his either. Good Luck,BP
  8. I think I'm going with LSD and Jorge's Diamonds for the fall. Thanks for the info. I had read the same about this strain. Jorge's Diamonds is suppossed to be very easy to grow and has many medicinal qualities. Good Luck All! BP
  9. here to help those that I can, learn from those who can teach me, and teach those who want to learn.

  10. hey guys and gals, just wondering if any one has grown this strain. I'm yhinking about ordering some for my fall grow. Any help would be great! BP
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