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  1. Though there are currently 18 medical marijuana states, and marijuana possession has been decriminalized in Colorado and Washington, many hurdles still exist when it comes to researching the drug's medicinal benefits. In 1970, under the Nixon administration, Marijuana was classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance, right along with heroine and above cocaine. The schedule 1 label, as determined by the DEA, means that marijuana: (A) has high potential for abuse. (B) The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. © There is a lack
  2. A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has shown that marijuana use can lower the risk of diabetes and obesity. The study analyzed data collected from a 2005-2010 survey of over 4600 Americans. Of those surveyed, 2,103 had never ingested or inhaled cannabis, 1,975 had used marijuana in the past, and 579 were current users. The study found that current and prior cannabis users had lower fasting insulin levels as well as smaller waist circumferences. Though marijuana users were found to have greater caloric intake levels than non-users, on average they have lower body mass ind
  3. Daniela Drake, a graduate from the prestigious Stanford medical school, shares her experiences as a California "Pot Doctor" and how she was transformed from a skeptic to an avid supporter of medical cannabis. Like many doctor's involved in medical marijuana certifications, she has witnessed first-hand the cruelties and hypocrisy of marijuana prosecution, these experiences have compelled her to speak out. Michigan readers will resonate with her poignant story and will hopefully glean important lessons therein. Check out the article from the daily beast http://www.thedailybeast.com/arti
  4. fire is around for sure chornic too they're all floating around escimos had 100 words for snow
  5. thats what they have been saying in DET for a while. in NYC it's exotic "i got that exotic"
  6. the legal defense fund is a good idea. Not sure about the legalities, but if it were set up as a 501 c3 people could use their donations for tax write offs
  7. if you are serious about opening a dispensary I would strongly suggest you consult an attourney well versed with the laws and practices regarding medical marijuana in MICHIGAN.
  8. MMMA has one too http://michiganmedic...Slate/Home.html
  9. check out the comprehensive MMMJ voter's guide here http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/page/Green_Slate/Home.html
  10. I was contacted by a patient in Niles suffering from a severe spinal condition requiring spinal fusion etc. He is being discriminated against because of his mmj card. Does anyone know of a mmj friendly dr. in that area?
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