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    I have a degree in Horticulture, my minor was landscape design. Retired 2004 due to the Multiple Sclerosis.
    Divorced Female, always happy to make new friends.
  1. I saw your posts about dispensary in Bay City, do u have a CG/?

  2. can u tell me more about yourself? KC

  3. I swore by Attitude BUT Finally got DNA LA Confidential will not sprout just like my Connie Chungs, finally wrote DNA & they were very nice but sadly they don't ship to USA. They kind of surprised me when they told me they do not sell to Attitude but a third person. When I contacted Attitude they were not as helpful as I expected after 3-4 orders all over 200 - 300 dollars. Also any one else have issues with the freebies sprouting??
  4. Busy Busy harvesting. Added another patient.

  5. You have my prayers for your son & the entire family while dealing with this unfortunate situation. Family should come first, no questions asked. Please keep us updated.
  6. Did they clearly state the reason they were asking for the urine test was to check for Marijuana? My Neurologist and Pain Specialist have both required this of me for over a year now, when I asked why they both said they are trying to get better control over misuse of Opioid.My Doctor is aware I smoke Marijuana (he signed my paperwork to allow me to get my card) He told me Marijuana was NOT what they were testing for. I am not saying it is fair, just explaining? You might find the following articles interesting. http://www.medscape.com/resource/opioid/opioid-michigan http://www.deadiversio
  7. I Love mine, I swear it contributes with a few other things giving me the high yields I get.
  8. "We are not criminals, we grow our own bunny muffin and

    don't want to support gangsters and terrorists.

    We are freedom fighters and nature lovers and

    our hobby does not hurt one single person."

  9. Additude Seeds http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/ They have great variety, highest standards on strains. If you click the box on there you will have a guarantee that if the package is confiscated they will simply send another. I have ordered from them many many times as others on MMMA have you can find in archives.
  10. Here I was with the understanding even with the MM law selling MM remains illegal.
  11. I fear they our a mess over there but i could be wrong haha
  12. Letter I received from them Thursday said they working on first of March.
  13. General Hypnotics 3 step + Super Thrive during Veg Cal-Mag because i use R/O Liquid Karma Hygrozeme all 3 through out Kool Bloom Liquid & Kool Bloom granule in Bloom.
  14. Need to add the part where he said grow room can not be entered by Leo is WRONG ask any numbers of people on here that have been invaded. Legal or not if they want to inspect there they will make up a reason sadly.
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