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  1. i hear ya,but i am not giving up.i didnt like feeling scared for my family and if i can help it neither will he.....god bless
  2. not sure but i can try,im mean its worth a shot,too many sick ppl not too try
  3. my name is joe crowe,im a cancer surviver of 12 years because of the oil,grow goddess took me in under her wing and saved my life,most here know me as stonecrowe.......now im working on others who are sick and im teaching rso classes at uncle petes cannabis camp.,but heres the problem,there is not enough supply to go around.and there is alot of good ppl in need.im working on 3 cases as i sit here typing,and im asking for any donations to help these ppl out,please email me if you should find it in ur hearts thank you and god bless stonecrowe316@yahoo.com
  4. iv had cancer for 11 years and i have tried every thing but this oil,ill keep ya updated
  5. can i use a crock pot and olive oil and weed,if so how much oil and how much weed and for how long
  6. how do i make it with olive oil,,,how much weed to oil
  7. hi everyone,it been a while.iv been in chemo for 5 months,evevery thing is good.just wanted to say hi.....
  8. why is our state not sending leo thier own laws
  9. i used sliced potatoes on the soil,they eat on the slices then replace it daily.or bake your soil to kill anything in it
  10. with all do respect,this is a medical marijunan site,not a hate site,seems you want attention or somthing,love covers all sin.we should judge,thats gods job
  11. hi jim ,so when i send my renewal in,my old card is good till i get another card.is the number the same
  12. when they run your number on your card they will probibly go away
  13. i heard if they are atuo flower it harder also.hang in there they take off
  14. i meant that its close to me to get meds.so if it opens,it would make sense.btw try being a little less angy. peace
  15. ya we think we have power at the polls,the old ones will be voted out and the new liers will be voted in,its a nice thought thou
  16. i have swirved more drinking my coffie,what are they doing besides convincing them selfs
  17. ill tell some truth with at least 70% of leo,they will treat us like they are treared at home the night before.
  18. thats funny,no i used to have hair and just a mustash,the cancer kinda took a little off the top,so now i just shave it,lol.being in corrections isnt all that great,no fun seeing your friends in jail.
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