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  1. blows my mind in regards to the video above
  2. its not true the right to work would mean an employer could pay me as little as they want there are rules to follow here what it could mean to some is State right to work laws essentially require unionized workplaces to become "open shops". Open shops must allow employees to work, whether or not they join the associated unions or pay regular dues. I dont listen to right or left wing agendas either. And I forgot to add I thought RP was crazy four years ago and then I woke up. I'll sleep better knowing my vote was for RP,as I'm sure folks that vote for MR or BO will feel the same. I just real
  3. @ Irishgreen RP policies are insane?what policies could be anymore scarier than what Bush,BHO,or Romney? PPL hear alot of sound bites but dont really know anything about RP,besides he sounds scary?We are smarter than the media thinks we are and RP polices go along with the Constitution and individual freedom. sounds radical
  4. anybody but obama/romney write in ron paul if you have too. we do have a choice here if folks werent so blinded my the whores in the media
  5. Obama’s New Drug Control Report Calls for More Workplace Drug Testing, Nationwide Zero Tolerance Laws, Prescription-Only Ephedrine Products, and the Return of the “Above the Influence” Campaign Mike Riggs | April 17, 2012 The first thing you should know about President Barack Obama’s 2012 Drug Control Strategy report is that it begins and ends with the declaration that the war on drugs is working and will continue apace. Obama administration policies have “yielded significant results,” according to the President’s introductory letter, which concludes by saying, “While difficult budget
  6. we all are going to do whatever I guess,but when I stand before God at least I will be able to say I didnt vote for the lesser of two evils.evil is evil period. I bought all the hype of the media for over 30 yrs,and thank God Im awake now. He's got my attention. We have natural gauges in us that dont WANT to believe the govt wants to or hurt us or anyone to hurt us for that matter. But from the patriot act to the NDAA the TSA and the increased presence in other countries it proves they dont want to help us. it just surprise me this community still believes the lies of either party. Disappoin
  7. it has not worked out for us too well to pick the lesser of two evils. I am repenting in the way I have voted in prior years. How many times do we have to be kicked in the head? Ron Paul is a libertarian that just so happens to have a R behind his name because thats how we have the system set up IMO R and D mean one body with two heads. Look at the man and not the letter behind them. Listen to their words and not the words of the media. Ron paul has a message dont let it fall on deaf ears.
  8. I wanna to reply to this so bad last night lol but I was too tired and my kindle doesnt allow me to reply why is that I wonder?? okay on with my rant here and Im sure its going to ruffle some feathers here but are you making whoopee kidding me? We are not dumb asses here are we? We have Ron Paul right in front of us. We DONT HAVE to vote for the lesser of two evils Im soooo sick of that argument! With either Romeny or Obama its going to be more of the same seriously what have we got to lose. BHO has PROVEN he's not going to change the prohibition and with all he's brought to the table the l
  9. make sure you are a registered patient before your grow is set up......good luck to you in your adventure and the happiness of being a farmer
  10. That's how I understand it to be. The large pork farmers were indeed behind this.
  11. exactly I would rather take my chances of what 'might' happen if these pigs got loose,but the 2nd vid I posted I dont know how that could happen,these pigs are very kept very well and the farm seems secure to me.Let the family prosper.
  12. a family trying to just put food on the table,the pigs are only called feral because they roam free on the farm,and if I ate pork thats how I'd want my pork. watch the family farm video what is wrong with having a farm this way? If we KNOW anything from what we have gone through with our fight with the stae its you dont beleive EVERYTHING they put out as propaganda.
  13. heres the other farm that is being shut down.this farm the pigs are raised for food,so this other farm is hunting?I dont have an opinion about that(surprisingly) http://www.bakersgreenacres.com/
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