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  1. Show me politician that is trustworthy.Thats why its America a free democracy.Freedom to vote for whomever you choose to vote for.
  2. Donald is no politician.He owes nothing to any special interest groups.Why not give him a chance.
  3. Sounds like you have some nice genetics going.Myself would like a strain that has same or close too percentage CBD as THC.
  4. I like your thinking.All caregivers organizing.Local 420.I would always be interested in saving money.
  5. Someday it will all be legal.What will these donut eating cops do.
  6. I would love to find my old favorite monkey paw.Great find like hitting a jack pot at casino.I never hit a jack pot.
  7. 72plants x 4 ounces per plant typical average grower.288 ounces or 11.5lbs .One could afford that rent if they could legally get rid of that medicine.Spider mites bite you in the azz and boom no medicine and rent is due.2yr lease a lot of money.He says he is booked.Wow
  8. At least these senators are doing something at the federal level.Time for them to catch up .
  9. Free the weed!!! No person should ever be put in jail over a plant.Some higher power put this plant on earth as a medicine for all people to benefit from.This plant should be able to be grown by any adult anywhere,any place and as much as one wants to grow.What government has the right to tell there citizens what they can grow.This is just my humble opinion.
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