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  1. I am currently in Ann Arbor for a few and was wondering if there was any farmers markets going on, dispesaries that have legit seeds stock. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. Just bored looking to chill for awhile and meet new people.
  2. Mine was a clone back in the day. The ones i harvezted came from house of seeds, close but not as dense.
  3. Nothing beats pre 98 bubba. I ran it fir a while, what an elite cut.I just harvested bubba kush freebie from attitude. It looks like pre 98 bubba, but we will see after it is cured.
  4. All sprouted except the northern light auto. Thanks hic.
  5. Just cracked some beans.Northern Lights automatic by G 13, Cataract Kush by DNA genetics, Cheese by the dinafem seeds. Anybody has any input or first hand knowledge please feel free to let me know what everyone thought of these strains.
  6. I have friend that uses ionic, but it taste weird. currently I use Fox farm but am wanting to go organic for the more robust flavor. Scared to switch since I am having good results and no complaints.
  7. I have a few questions. Do you have to let it cook for a while. Last 3 components to this recipe are they a dry material for the soil or hard when watering if issues arise.
  8. Remember common sense is not so common these days. I think our law is fine the way it is, caregiver and patient behind closed door . I can easily supply my patients with meds with the 4 plant rotation. people are twisting the law and reading to deep.
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