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  1. Use something like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/500-mL-FILTRATION-FLASK-BUCHNER-FUNNEL-VACUUM-PUMP-/270386243423?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3ef446a75f I wouldn't recommend the hand pump though, unless you want a real workout
  2. When you hang out in a forum and give legal advise it's totally relevant. The question still stands, ARE YOU A LAWYER????
  3. No, just caregiver rights. Not patient rights.
  4. MIP ? How old are you? Not judging but the most likely way the judge will look at it is a kid playing the system to get high. A 50 year old with arthritis and neuropathy is one thing, an 18 year old with PMS or whatever is another. I don't know what your shoulder problems are but look up the definition of chronic. Do you have a TRULY valid reason to have a card? Did you get it from a card mill or your regular doctor? These are all things that the judge will look at. I hope for your sake that you really qualify. Personally I don't think anyone should end up in trouble over a plant, but what I think doesn't matter. Good luck Mike
  5. IMO Harborside wanted this to happen. They have been flaunting their position waiting for the feds to react. Although the owners are obviously well off and are getting rich they are a non-profit, overpaying non profit execs is the norm, not the exception. Harborside is not stupid and knew very well that this was the eventual outcome, they obviously wanted this to happen and have a plan. Hopefully whatever the plan is the outcome will be in all of our best interest. Mike PS Put me down for Obama (the lesser of 2 evils). More of a vote against Mitt then a vote for Obama.
  6. 4 kids ?? Do you know what a broken arm costs? or stitches? or.... If you truly can't afford it YOU and YOUR family could be covered by Obamacare. Don't fool yourself everyone is already paying for it, do you think the doctors and hospitals are just eating the costs of people not paying?
  7. As long as I eat a spoonful of oil infused almond butter (I like it more than peanut butter) a day I don't have to use Insulin. Without the oil I use around 100 units a day. I know it works. Mike
  8. Sure I read it, and posted a link for all to read. As a 50 year old who has had 6 heart attacks and 50% heart damage (I have 1/2 a heart) I have come to accept my life is limited and do NOT expect or want extreme measures to save me. When your time is up it's up. I know that I'm not considered a wise investment but what's the use in living if the QUALITY isn't there. Ev eryone has their own opinions and some of them STINK.
  9. Actually it's you that should have a look http://en.wikipedia...._health_systems The US is rated #37 most of Europe is above us. France is #1 and it's socialized.
  10. You can think what you want. I'm not here to argue with an egotistical doctor. Note that I snipped (and highlighted the relevant part) the rest of the quote so I was only referring to that part. Why not try to think before you put you ego in gear?
  11. Bad advice, leaves are not exempt, they're considered part of the weight. And as long as I'm posting it's all usable, if you intend to use it it's usable. Drying meds do NOT go into la la land until they're dry, they are either part of your plant count or part of your weight, the same with curing meds.
  12. Yeah but the right to farm act also states that you have to offer your crop for sale (not necessarily make a sale) in order to be covered. Chickens and eggs are one thing, MMJ is another. Not sure you want to go that route. Mike
  13. The plain language states medical use includes transfer. 2 patients transferring meds is medical use. No work, transfer is medical use.
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