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  1. 4 ~ Felony Charges were dismiss w/ prejudice , to the best of my understanding ... I plead No Contest to Simple Possession of Marijuana ... I was fined and No Probation ... The Only Thing Bad is ... that I will Loose my Drivers License for 6 monthz ... Michigan law requirez a driverz license suspension for drug convictions. even if you were not driving at the time of a offense ... I can get a Restricted License after 30 Dayz ... Again ... Thank You to All that Supported Jane and I through this Nightmare ... Huggz : Tarzan and Jane
  2. Too All My Friendz and Family that were there today at Court .... You All Know Who You Are .... Thank You Jim , Norby , Shredder , his palz ... Bad w/ Namez ... darn Medz .... I thank You All from the bottom of My Heart ... Thank You for being there for Jane and I ... I believe that Court Support and Family made a difference .... Plus God provided Us w/ a Miracle ... and I am Thankful ... I also want to Thank You Joshua Covert My Attorney for Representing Me like My Life Mattered ... Thank You for Caring about My Life ... W/out Going into Too Many Details , I think We did VERY WELL ... and I Thank You So Verry Much ... YOU ROCK ... My Friend !!! Also a Big Thank You to Steven Jacob Lull ... Thank You So Very much for your Friendship and All the otherz that knew this was Wrong and Stood there by our Side ... Jane and I are So Blessed ... GOD IS GOOD Huggz : Tarzan and Jane Patient's Paradise
  3. It 'z All Good Jim ... I truly believe We have way enough proof/evidence, to get ALL Chargez Dropped ... God Willingly ! It 'll be a Miracle ... and the Effort of a Attorney that Carez about their Client , Rather then about the Money .... Happy Halloween Everyone ... I believe were all ready for Tricker or Treaters ... We giving out Cans of Pop or Bottles of Water for the older kidz ... Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid Jammerz Scary Blackberry Pouches for the little Kidz ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  4. Hopefully this will Help otherz to be able to make it for Court Support ? I'm not so sure WHY it was Adjourned ? I'm Sorry this Happened , But I have No Control over this and is Chit Driving me CraZy ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  5. I just got a Letter stating my Next Court Date for : Monday ~ November 2, 2015 .... Time 1 pm HAS BEEN ADJOURNED ... CHANGED TO : MONDAY ~ NOVEMBER 9th , 2015 .... Time 2 PM Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  6. Jim ... Give me a Call .... New offer on the table ... It 'z looking better ! Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  7. UPDATED COURT DATE , on motion to dismiss ... This is where I could use Court Support & Prayerz ... Monday , November 2 , 2015 at 1 pm Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  8. Looking forward to see You Again Norby ... But I'm Not so Sure Mushroomz are out in the Woodz ... ? I believe it'z Bow Season for Deer Hunterz ... Monday ~ November 9th , 2015 Time 2:30pm is a Pretrial Hearing ... Which is 30 dayz away ... Hopefully We can pack the Court Room ... This is So Important ... Thank You Everyone Huggz Tarzan & Jane
  9. Thankz Jim and Norby .... You guyz are Amazing ... I will do what I can do to help you guyz w/ Gas Money ... But I 'll try to have some food for after Court for Everyone ... Please Dress warm ... It'z getting colder up here and my house is really small w/ all our household plantz back inside our house ... It'z like a Jungle in here now .... I truly do appreciate you banging the drumz ... Take Care ... Huggz Tarzan and Jane
  10. I NOW have NEXT COURT DATE ... MONDAY ~ NOVEMBER 9th , 2015 TIME 2:30 pm CHIT is getting more Serious ... But , I believe Joshua is working on it ... God willing God has another Miracle ... Hope to see You there if all possible ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  11. Just was told about next Court Date .... Monday ~ September 14th , 2015 ... 1 pm Was Told there May be Good Newz ....................... After SEEING ALL our Witnesses We have and ALL the PROOF WE Have .... This Court Date will NOT be Important ... and don't need a ton of Court Support ... Unless those that Desire to be there No Matter what .... Sentencing Day will be Important ... Thankz for your Patience and Prayerz ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  12. It 'z Not Over .... I'm sure My Attorney will take care of this .... If Not .... My Choice are NOT G00D !!! Yes ... Jane is a Tough Women ... It would take more then a Rock to keep her down .... We've been together over 40 yearz ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  13. You are Not Gonna Believe what happen the other Day ... I sent a few Personal Pm explaining to a few , The Neighbor Hurt my Wife , Yet No Arrest ... I don't know how much more I can take ? God willingly a Miracle will happen Soon !!! Huggz Tarzan & Jane
  14. Had more issues today ... trying to remain calm ... But talk to attorney and sent him more information today ... Letz Pray it 'll help Joshua and the prosecutor to see the truth ... I truly Believe we have so Much Proof and Witnesses ... Itz only a matter of time ... Thankz for your Support ... Huggz Tarzan and Jane
  15. I removed Post ,,, just for Safety reasons... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  16. NEXT COURT DATE CANCELLED .... There will Not be Court on Monday ~ August 10 , 2015 at 1:15 pm I just talked to Joshua Covert and he informed me 10 minutes ago .... I guess the Prosecutor wantz to talk to one of Many Witnesses we have ... I'm So SORRY to those that made plans on attending , But there'z nothing I can do . I will post next Court Date as Soon as I know .... Thank You Huggz : Tarzan and Jane
  17. Your Definitely Persistent .... Not So sure anyone listens to You .... LOL
  18. NEXT COURT DATE : A Preliminary Exam Hearing MONDAY , AUGUST 10th , 2015 Time ~ 1:15 pm Hope to see you there ... Thankz ; Tarzan & Jane
  19. Itz all good Jim .... Im Not Sure why A lot of my Localz were not there ? Afraid ... Fear ... Who Knowz ... I have Faith that God is working a Miracle ... and Believe more people will show support next time ... I ve been to some really big Protest and Court dates ... It sometimez takez a little motivation sometimez from otherz ... Thankz for Banging the Drumz ... I'm hoping the Detroit Free Press will help ... Time will tell ... Gonna try showing a Outside Movie this Friday ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  20. Yes ... Joshua Covert Made SURE I had enough petitions to get signed from those that live in Montmorency County ... May need to get more mailed to me ... Plus Hoss P. left me a Few MMM Report and Hybrid .Life Magazinez to pass out .. Please gave me a Free T-shirt ... Have Faith Jim ... God knowz what is in our heartz ... and will Bless us when itz time ..... Each Court Date we 've Grown Size ... and Hopefully Next Court Date there many be 50 people ? I too was Fustrated that more of Friendz were NOT there ... Maybe Next time ... God workz in Mysterious wayz ... You seen how concern they were in the Court House w/ 30 people there ? They had 4 ~ Police officers in the Court Room ... Hopefully Next Time I will Bring My Camera and We'll get You in the Photo Jim ... Thankz for Supporting ... Hope Bubba Brightens your Day ... As You Know ... Ive been bond over to Circuit Court ... But I believe that God is working a Miracle and it 'll be sent Back to District Court ... God willingly my attorney will show the Prosecutor the Proof and the Witnessez we Have that they Charged the Wrong Person .... Time will tell and I have Faith ... Maybe next time I can do some BBQ Chicken for those that come to court next date ? Plus I'm Excited about the Detroit Free Press interested in doing an Article about our place and maybe my Court Cases ... Wish You could all of been here last Night ... we watched Top Gun while my Neighbor Smoked Us Out (trash) ... threw Smoke Bombs over the fence and lite Fireworks off till Midnight ... We still had a Good time and Hope to watch an outside Movie Every week of this Summer ... Come see for yourself ... cartoons start around 9:30 pm , Then the Movie starts around 10 pm .... Anywayz ... Thank You Again to All those able to come ... I will post Next Court Date ... Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  21. Oh I was there Bob ... Every step of the way ... and I remember ALL too Well the CHIT they put you through ... I was just so disappointed there was NOTHING many could do to help ... Yes there May be some Light at the end of the Tunnel as long as my attorney can get the Prosecutor to see that we have Good Physical Proof that it is in FACT NOT Me , But is the Neighbor that is Maliciously Harassing Us and Stalking ... and Destroying our Property. Yes Bob ... That has been my Dream to turn our Property into that Special Place that helpz make you Feel Good Inside ... A Place where you can feel God here ... a place where Family and Friendz can Enjoy Life ... I am So Thankful to All my Friendz and Family for Helping me Build my Dream . I am a Very Blessed Man ... and this Court Chit hasn't been Easy Nor Has the Harassment STOP from My Neighbor ... But I refuse to Give up on My Dream of " Patients Paradise " Huggz : Tarzan and Jane
  22. Just Glad to hear you Made it Home Safe Jim ... Hey ... Jim , It'z All C00L ...We had a VERY Nice turn out ... each time it keepz getting Bigger and Bigger ... I cannot say in wordz HOW THANKFUL I am for those that were able to attend ... I believe God has a Plan and he knowz what is in peoplez Heartz ... I am a Very Blessed Man ... I've meet MANY GOOD people since Medical Marijuana became Legal. I'm just So Sorry I did NOT get A lot of time to Visit w/ Everyone , I had a lot on my mind . It was a little Hot , But looked like Everyone was Enjoying themselfz ... I think I might do another Movie Tonight , if I can get a little Powernap . I hope you finger out the Group Photo thing ... I think it would be MORE EASIER if you ~ STOP MEDICATING ... But ... I fully Understand ! LOL Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
  23. Sure hope everything Ok w/ phaquetoo ? I've not heard from him , Nor received the Group photo Yet ... hmmm ? Hope he didn't get Lost ? Again ... Thank You for All of those that were able to come ... It took Us Awhile to clean up ... Then water all the Plants ... We Decided to watch a Cartoon - Tom & Jerry and Top Gun on the Outside Drive In Projector ... It Was Really C00L ...
  24. Jim ... Please resent Photoz ... I would really Appreciate that .... Hope you Enjoy the little TREAT I sent you home w/ ... Wish I had more time to Visit.... God willingly I can get through this Mess and have a Movie Night Get Together .... Huggz : Tarzan and Jane
  25. Thank You SO Very much to All that Showed up for Court Support ... was a Very Nice Turn out ... Thank You Joshua Covert and his Driver ... I'm bad on namez ... Thank You Danna C. May Godz Love bless you and your Family ... I believe it did make a difference w/ Court Support ... This is Not Right ... I Now can see a Little HOPE at the end of this Nightmare ... Thank GOD ... God is Good ... Again ... Thank You So very much to those that made it here ... There was ALOT of Supporters ... To Many to name. Thank You So very Much ... Jim has a Group photo ... But I've not been able to download it yet .... I update on Next Court Date as Soon as we hear ... Thank You All Again Huggz : Tarzan & Jane
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