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  1. This man is going to be our top law enforcement official-- unconscionable. Not to mention what he has done to my pot stock portfolio
  2. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-sessions-idUSKBN16908L The Lord works in mysterious ways, thank you
  3. https://www.ganjapreneur.com/german-parliament-unanimously-approves-national-mmj-legislation/
  4. Obama rescheduling on his way out the door? We can dream
  5. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/9_Pound_Hammer/TGA_Subcool_Seeds/
  6. Simply a reflection of the candidate himself
  7. I just love frying those up in butter, garlic, sweet vermouth, cilatro, salt and pepper
  8. Be careful Grass, you might end up with twice as much brain damage as them
  9. The mayor may be crazy, but he is right. The ruling is a " step backwards " for pin headed government officials who have chosen not to follow the law voted in by the people.
  10. My first digital ballast was a 600 watt Nextgen, and I have not been as lucky with failures as you. It has gone down 3 times since 2009. I will say that each time after mailing them the ballast, R&M quickly fixed/ or replaced it and got it back to me. As of now, I use it as a backup in case one of my others go down. Next time it goes bad, I guess I'll just have to use it as an anchor for the boat
  11. I have an 8k portable for my veg room(4x8) and a 14k for my flower(12x6). I found that you can not "Y" them together, because they backflow into each other, and if I am only running one(veg in day, flower at night) the one running heats up the other room. So they each have their own exhaust now. Both are single tube, and the flower rm has about a 15' run, where I had to install insulated duct, as the ducts get very hot. Took down my two 1k HPS, put up a 600 HPS with 6 LEDs about two weeks ago, and may have to take the HPS down and put up two more LEDs that I have. Have not recieved first electric bill with the A/C running just to keep it under 85. Bought both A/C on Ebay--$250/14k qnd under $200/8k. Good luck--heats a complain
  12. More than likely you need some different aquaintances
  13. In Thailand for a few weeks and tried to access this site--no way Jose. This internet system here will not let you type in anything mj related in the search function. Finally got in thru an old email link. Guess I will have to balance the good and bad of censorship vs the rest of the pluses of this country. Thankfully I brought several chocolate meds with me.
  14. Try your nearest feed mill for bone and kelp meal. I also get my alfalfa meal and molasses there
  15. I was wondering the same thing--but my guess would be no, as the state would lose $100 if our current cards were extended another year. Also, I am assuming that we would have to pay $200 upon renewal.
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