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  1. Ahh, nothing accents good bud like Two Hearted... Interesting plant you have there, can't wait to see what happens in the next pics!
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/10/18/former.surgeon.general.marijuana/
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has news on any new clubs or anything in the area... I know the first club was a bust but I haven't even heard of anything happening in over a year! I know leo acts like its "hazzard county" in Lenawee but I don't know if they have been hard on legal patients or not... Whats going on? Should I move?
  4. "The complete guide to sick plants"... If needed. http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688&page=1&pp=15
  5. hey, I got what the advaced rep called a feeding schedule for every product they sell... This was the same man who was trying to sell me on the ph perfect. Actually there is an advertisement on the schedule for ph perfect, although no feeding info for the product. Funny. The chart is just a breakdown of different growing abilities(hobbyist to grand master) and what you should use and when. All feeding seems to be the same mixture level... Kinda crazy I will try to send you a copy tomorrow or post the copy on here when Im not at my laptop. P.S. There is no mention on this chart about soil
  6. I need to get some new nutes soon and was wondering if anyone has used the pH perfect line from advanced? The advertisements make it seem pretty revolutionary (no more adjusting ph levels), and I like most of their other products, but have not talked to anyone who has used this new one that wasn't trying to sell it to me. Thanks for any info, Dan.
  7. I just want to say that not only is this a great idea, but its cool you gave us the ability to vote right on the thread... Real Democracy at work!... Awesome
  8. Actually I do use a regular capsule machine to fill these, I just have to put it in the dishwasher when I'm done. I'm not sure about the exact ratio of meds to oil. I just pour in the oil slowly while mixing with two or three fingers until every piece is totally covered and sticks together... If you make them using good bubble (and mabey dry sift), the hash can break down into the oil until there is almost no solid product left and you cap up the oil by itself which can be tricky... But good!!! The dosage totally depends on the quality of the starting product and the person eating them...
  9. Nope... I should have been more clear on the "good coffee cup". What I meant was to use a coffee cup with a tall/thick base or an egg cup. That is all the "buffer" between the hottest part of the pot and the meds that is needed. I think a double boiler is too risky for me because I suck at cooking... but I think that way is faster if your good! Good luck... Dan.
  10. I use a crock pot/slow cooker because it is harder to burn the meds in my opinion. if you use this method remember to start heating the crock pot before doing anything else, you want to cook the cannabis on the lowest setting. and remember they take a while to heat up. fist i grind everything up the best i can, then put it in a good coffee cup. mix the oil with the meds in the cup, then put the cup with the meds in it into the slowcooker. i use a digital thermometer to moniter heat levels and it helps to keep the crock pot cracked open which is important. if your using hash you only need
  11. I have been making capsules for a while now and I just love them! A friend told me that using coconut oil will result in a stronger product, because the t.h.c. "binds" to coconut oil much better than olive oil. Is this true? I wanted to make more tomorrow and I am wondering if I should run to the store?
  12. I heard along time ago that g-13 was actually a mexican strain that mel frank sent to the government grow as an example of the "strongest cannabis he had seen". Then just a few weeks ago I came across this interview... (g-13 talk at end of second video and begining of third) Here he kind of kills that rumor (but maybe not), and also the rumor that g-13 might be from the government grow in the first place. WORTH WATCHING WHOLE INTERVIEW 1-4!! One of the greats!!
  13. I will second that. Actually if you are willing to give them your cedit card info(shows up as some other legitamate business) you get your seeds around day 7. I know they claim they never break up the original breeders packs, which if its true is awesome! Plus that might be why they have cheap prices.
  14. HUGE PLANTS during harvest... I use to do this every year. Just keep it legal "inclosed locked facility", legal but kind of tricky... Be careful, good luck...
  15. I keep my ph around 5.5 for clones/seedlings for about the first week, then change it up to 6.2 for the rest of the plants life. This has worked out well for me over the years, but I will admit I am far from the most experienced on this board... Good luck to you!
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