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  1. seeking local caregiver, renew tommorrow. Thanks Chris
  2. ...also I was contacted by a guy from Richmond, VA about mail pot and delivery service, I declined. be ware. chris
  3. Thanks, Im Chris. I need to renew my card. I live up north in Cheboygan. My old doctor is retired. I need a new doctor. Thanks, Im asking my general doctor next tuesday. chris
  4. Looking quickley for a new doctor, have to renew. thanks. chris 231-818-2755
  5. Hi, My Medical Card is now expired. My former Doctor is unavailble. I am seeking a new Doctor. I have Spinal Stenosis and an MRI, with medical records. I live in Cheboygan,MI but I travel downstate often. Location is not a problem. Any help is appriciated. Thank you Chris
  6. under the bridge, Cheboygan. I know of a place near Petoskey but I didn't care for their requirements. My recent MRI was a year ago, they wanted within last 3 months. And it was expensive. I can travel downstate if I have to. Oakland County.
  7. Hi, my name is Chris. I am looking to renew my medical card. My former doctor is unavailable. I live in Northern Michigan and it's difficult to get solid info up here. Thanks for any help. ~Chris
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