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  1. Ok can someone please help me with this. I set up a control bucket homeaid style. everything works flood drain and so fourth. But my fill pump keeps syphining water into my control bucket. I have my fill hose (in the controler) almost a foot above my fill pump(in the resevior). how do i get this to stop filling.
  2. I'm new to cooking with cannabis. I have an idea how to make cannabutter. but i'm having trouble with the amount to use. per pound of butter. I pretty much have a tollarence for thc. so how much top med grade buds. Should be added to it. I was suprised how much some of the recipes vary. some say 1/4 some say a 1/2 so i have no clue. could someone help me please.
  3. Hey imfisherman....I'm in Macomb Twp too. My room is full right now and won't be done for another month, but I'm trying to plan longterm for seeds for the next grow. I'm working from clones right now, and I must admit it works out pretty well. But for some reason I get a kick out of seeing seeds grow up. Any tips on getting them via mail without them getting intercepted? Those c...

  4. I found some articles that claim N-G-W tubbing causes gassing. It suposedly put's out a chemical in the form of a gas. That makes your leaves curl and yellow. That ends in death and total loss of crop. I just bought 40 feet of this stuff. I only have one scrog so far that i use it on. I havent noticed anything yet.has anyone here heard of this or has a problem with it.I really dont feel like replacing the tubbing for nothing. how many of you are using it. They say it is the 1/2 inch black and clear blue that does it.so if you have some input i would love to here it.
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  6. yes i keep salution handy i'm one of them that loves the bells and whistles so to speak. that is strange though isnt it. if i even go to 6.4 lock out shoot 6.6 lockout. i think there may be something they add here that has a chemical reaction is all i can think of.well im on lk saint clair maybe it is there zebra mussel treatment.
  7. I moved to a new city this year. I've had two grows. But the watersupply is screwing with me. When i adjust the ph which is 6.8. I get lockout. Even though it is in a good range now. It just locks nutes up. If i take straight tap water and feed it that. The lockup goes away. The only thing that concerns me is on my last grow. I had some huge buds but they didnt wiegh bunny muffin. I think it is due to the ph. But if i add even a little buffer to it i get lockup. with my last system flood and drain. The tips would yellow a bit. but my aeroponic setup they look good. But im afraid of what should be a oz is just 5grams. if it wasnt for the wieght. I could care less. my tds out the tap is 126. so have any ideas on what could cause this.
  8. I'm in need of some new strains. I've always ordered seeds. but that is rather time consuming. I would rather donate to someone first. but i usaully give them away. I have afghan kush,white russian. They will be ready in about a month. have a great day bye.
  9. I have used dutch master for a while now. But i may be going to more trouble than needed. My system always needs flushing because salt build up. Has anyone else noticed this with the dutch brand. The room is impresive but tons of salt issues. I'm currently using aeroponics. When i used flood and drain my ph was all over the map. has anyone else had this issue besides me. Or have a diffrent nute that can be used with aeroponics. Without the salt buildup so fast. Mine needs a flush and full cleaning every 7-8 days. Now i'm only saying dutch dont work great for me. It may be a blessing for others.
  10. I have been hearing that when you grow white strains. That the last couple days of bloom. should be done in total darkness. Some say 8 hours light a day for the last ten is this true. I did russain and afgan kush. with just a regular 12/12 light period. the kush was great. The russian was not that good. could it be that you need to change there light cycle at the end. the trichomes on the russian seemed to amber up way early. so is there really a trick to it. It kinda makes sense kill the lights and due to breeding survival they make themselves sticky. if anyone could share some info with me it would be appreciated greatly thanks.
  11. Ive decided to go with a new system. I was using ebb/flow. well i built one aeroponic box that is working great. But my question is how big a pump i need for around 40 or 50 spray heads. I use the little red ones. I went to the hydro shop and needed the stuff. for 5 heads i was told to buy eco132. but it seemed like it could do much more than that.so any input would be great thank you have a nice day.
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