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  1. From a residential point of view, the best thing going against this ruling, is that local gov.'s would have to create new bureaucracy. I can't see too many of them taking that too seriously. To fund it, they would have to impose a fairly high permit fee, probably over a hundred dollars per residence per year. That alone would cause people to NOT apply for a permit, just as most people do not apply for building permits when they work on their houses. Too expensive, too much red tape. Most just do the work and nothing ever comes of it. Are they going to add the job of inspecting weed grows
  2. https://vimeo.com/171785726
  3. If you get desperate..., I would not eat for a day, do a full clean out (miralax, etc) and then start fresh with a very basic diet of only water and plain soup and then add in food very slowly, eliminating any foods that trigger the symptoms. Probiotics specific to your ailment might help and there are several herbal supplements that aid digestion like ginger, bromelain, etc. Cannabis may help if in the correct form and dose, or it may make it worse. Experiment. The smoking has to go too, sorry. It's tough but you'll be glad after. Good luck.
  4. It almost always comes down to, how you are perceived by the LEO when he looks you in the eye. If you can speak normally with some intelligence and do not appear impaired, you most likely won't get hauled to the hospital for a drug test (assuming you were NOT pulled over for weaving all over and driving dangerously or involved in an accident). The guy (or girl) who drives a clean, well maintained, not stinky car, who dresses, talks and looks normal will usually get a pass (even if they are high). The dirty unmaintained cars with the long hairs and bumper stickers and the people who talk fu
  5. I think the Republicans in general are looking at Canada's new plan and asking, "How can we do it that way?" They meet all their objectives if they can manipulate these changes: -Ban ALL home growing -Ban ALL private dispensaries -License private corporations to build government manufacturing plants -Develop a government run pharmacy system for medical patients This way they get maximum taxes, can let the police arrest private growers again, AND they meet their #1 objective of incorporating and industrializing the industry. I'm guessing this will happen at the Federal level beca
  6. The theory of creating laws to encourage moderation is one of those tasks that looks fine on paper, but when put into practice fails miserably. Alcohol prohibition showed us that. Unfortunately, the moralist do-gooder politicians, usually inspired by religion, every now and then actually get their way. So we get laws that are supposed to "teach" the people. Thus follows a laundry list of what not to do, in the form of jail-able offenses. They came up with thousands of new laws in the 20th Century, to get us to "act properly". Some highlites: -No birth control -No sex between gays -No s
  7. I smell a rat! Something makes me wonder why someone would even bother doing a RAT study on this issue, when you could easily do a human study...hmmmm??? Maybe the rat study supported their preconceived notions, making the human study unnecessary? My next rat study involves injecting caged Republicans with THC, to see if some type of shared common sense can be extracted.
  8. Seems like a simple solution is easily available IMO. As said, you can get your records, or file complaint. If you don't want the hassle of that, you can do this: -- Contact a new doctor, get an address and simply tell them that your current Dr. will send your records over. -- Tell your current Dr. the address and tell them to mail it over. ....problem solved, right? Most people have to have a "marijuana Dr." as well as a primary physician. That's just the way it is right now.
  9. If you grow in your home, the "act" says that the patient can have access to the "grow". I have never had a patient that did NOT want to at least see the grow room(s) at least once. If I was a patient, I would insist on it before any thing went through. I think we are still working under the assumption that the plants you grow for patients, BELONG TO THE PATIENT, at least in theory. Right???? So the premise of "not divulging address" or access, seems at the very least to be a caregiver wish and not a reality in most cases. Exceptions exist for sure. Growing in other locations, etc.
  10. I thought by now that some of the small minded, frustrated local government thugs would have resorted to some type of new building code ordinances that would require a license and inspection to run HID's, under some bogus "safety" concerns. I mean... If I were an anti-freedom Republican hypocrit (AKA- a "Rick Jones"), determined to get into everyone's business (while I publicly preach "less government"), I'd be all over this angle. He could charge us for the license and inspection (and pretend it's not a tax), get into our homes and drag hundreds of people into court, claiming "fire hazards"
  11. Favorites for 2013: -LA Woman -Original Amnesia -Pineapple Express -Cannatonic -Warlock -Afghan Special Kush -Nebula -Faraono -Trainwreck -XXX
  12. Attitude is a great place. Lots of choice and they are pretty fast. The problem is customs confiscation. Twice...in the last year. Talk of illegal vs. legal is pointless. It is ALL illegal to customs and the USPS, card or no card. Will you end up in jail..???....probably not.....maybe?..be careful. We have to realize that we now all live in a big jail, called the USA, where they open our mail, listen to our phone calls, track us on GPS, watch us on their camera's, monitor our bank accounts and limit our financial options. Big Brother IS HERE NOW! The most disturbing part is tha
  13. The, "I have a CCW, so I can't get a MMP card, in fear that I'll lose my CCW..." is a poor excuse. How exactly would that work, if THEY (whoever that is) wanted to arrest everyone with marijuana and guns? Even cross checking CCW and MMMP cards, if you could get past the privacy provisions, would require new laws and cost millions of dollars. If you have a CCW, get your doc. rec. and apply for a MMP card, they will most likely grant the card. And if they didn't, so what? You still have your CCW AND the doc. rec. that gives you some protection. Same for the opposite. If you have a MM
  14. When the Supreme Court said in a ruling, that a patient need not have a card to be protected, as long as they have the Dr. rec,.... Well of course that would make some think, "Hey, why pay $100 and have your name on a list somewhere..." All those people didn't renew. Then add in the people who are slowly learning to grow themselves and dumped their caregiver. That would probably cover the drop in caregiver applicants. We all know there are many more people growing medically than the State numbers. Probably anywhere from 3 to 10 times more, I would guess.
  15. Depends on sizes of rooms, length of duct work, size of all components, temp and humidity of rooms, type of heating and cooling, floor level and possibly other factors. More info needed or it's just wild guesswork, which sometimes it is anyway, but,...
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