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  1. 4/19/18 article from Herb... Thomas Hodorowski, who had CHS, told the New York Times, “The pain was unbearable, like somebody wringing my stomach out like a washcloth.” Sounds about right. Fortunately i've returned to vaping about once per day, sometimes more or less without any symptoms.
  2. http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2017/05/05/michigan-marijuana-smokers-to-light-up-legally-advocates-launch-ballot-drive/
  3. Just thought I'd share an update on my unexplainable abdominal pain. I returned to cannabis (mostly vaping for maybe the past 6 months) but limited to 2-3 sessions per week. No problems. Hoping it stays that way.
  4. It's not specifically clear, but the freep article makes it sound like all 3 passed the senate...
  5. I checked the Mileg website literally seconds ago. For Hb4209 (dispensary) and 4827 (seed to sale), it shows the document as passed by the senate. But for Hb4210 (edibles) the senate document is greyed out. Hopefully just a timing thing that will resolve in a day.
  6. Not sure which "westside detroit burbs", but this was the same day as dispensary raids including Plymouth Twp by the Western Wayne Criminal Investigation Task Force... http://patch.com/michigan/plymouth-mi/task-force-raids-plymouth-township-marijuana-dispensary
  7. start "low and slow" for someone not used to the effects of CBD Mickeydee, what would you say is a low dose of CBD? 10mg?
  8. if anyone has experienced this type of ratio, did it seem like you noticed any THC effect or did the CBD neutralize it?
  9. So I don't have any experience with CBD extractions, but I'm interested in trying it by itself, and possibly also in combination with "normal" sativa/indica strains. I know with THC medibles, some people recommend starting "low" at 10mg. Would 10mg be a low dosage of CBD? I've read that CBD can "neutralize" the effects of THC. Are there any patient experiences on what maximum CBD:THC ratio to not notice CBD neutralizing the THC?
  10. Back to the subject… Tpain, Two of the conditions you mentioned (gastritis and gastroparesis) were some of the diagnosis I received along the way. Also, yes I tried milk of magnesia early on. I read that 1/4 of the recommended laxative dose can be used as an antacid. Antacids were helpful for immediate relief and I carried tablets with me throughout the summer. However, the doctor warned against long term use saying that they can increase acid production if the body becomes accustomed to them. The leafly article in post #22 mentioned 3 phases (2 excluding recovery), with the th
  11. Restorium, I don't do extractions, and i don't think that they are compatible with my equipment. I'm curious though, what is the connection between lactose intolerance and sensitivity to fats? Are you saying that THC relieves CHS? I too find it odd that cannabis could cause CHS since there is so much evidence that it relieves chemotherapy induced nausea. The quote about long term THC stimulation on CB1 is taken from multiple online sources including a Temple Univ study shown on leafly, and a different study on cannabisclinicians.org. Regarding my future test plan, I read somewhere
  12. Hi t-pain, thanks for your interest in my condition and this syndrome. thanks for not making me feel like i'm on the receiving end of "you don't look sick" or "why don't you use real medicine" my symptoms went away earlier this week, but mine were a little different than what i've read online. i didn't have any vomiting. just had severe abdominal cramping / bloating / burning maybe a half hour after each meal. the pain gave me a hunched over look throughout the day. the time it knocked me down to my knees was when i decided it was time to see a doctor. the doctor suggested taking a ppi
  13. Twerkle thanks for the reading. I didn't feel put down and hope I didn't make you feel put down either. If my math is correct, I wanted to clarify that .0001% of 158M is 158. The point is that it is extremely rare. Also, no one told me I have CHS. I have been sick though for months. I've had many tests that all turned out negative. It was when i searched cannabis as a treatment for delayed gastric emptying that I discovered CHS. Last week I quit using cannabis fearing for a hospital test. This week all symptoms stopped. My plan is to gain back 10 pounds then make a decision on reintro
  14. I've never heard of anyone going psychotic, even though the alarmist media has tried that claim in the past. But if someone starts that thread, I'll be respectful of it since I don't know their situation. I think everyone suspects that even if there were a shred of truth to that, it--like CHS--would only apply to something like 0.0001% of users... nothing to sound an alarm over. Seems to me that a lot of this site is about connecting people to ease suffering. That's why I'm respectful of anyone who swears that mmj treats their condition, even if their doctor, family, friends, and co-workers ob
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