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  1. I also have a ww strain that has showed the exact problems, I have been able to reduce the issue but never fully solve it. I have grown my particular strain of ww(seeds from amsterdam), in pro-mix, hydroton as a base on flood tables and nothing(aero-nft hybrid). I have had the best luck in aero-nft keeping my ppm's extremely light, around 300(yes with ro water and yes I added cal mag and used GH flora series nutes) my well water is approx 300 ppm without nutes, so the ro was my only option for running aeroponics. Please pm me if you come up with a solution. I am starting to believe in the "bad seed theory" mentioned above, but I am still running this lady because regardless of the appearance of the leaves, the flowers turn out fantastic! My favorite daytime medication, with lots of sativa influence, forehead and eye pressure, excellent motivation, and I can still keep a decent train of thought!(although with time the flowers seem to be getting a bit more potent, throwing in a little "what was I just doing?" but only for a sec!), My wife also enjoys this variety for the day, but did mention that it seemed to increase her anxiety a little bit, but not to the point of paranoia. I hope this will help in some way(I have run other plants in the same systems with this strain, and they showed no signs of burn or deficiencies) given the exact same nutrient regimen.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong,but I was under the impression that the Michigan Supreme Court revamped the cannabinoids that show in your system as not being a controlled substance? I believe there is reference to another driving case where the driver had 10ng/ml(not sure if that is the correct reference for concentration, but the number was 10 nanograms) I believe that case may still be going up the ladder. Wouldn't the supreme court decision squash all of these petty driving cases? Is the key word "active" THC, because once the THC is metabolized is what I am refering to about the Supreme Court(I think?) I am very curious about THC testing procedures and how they establish that you are currently "impaired" just because of a higher level, on another note, in reference to the statistics of deadly crashes, do they prove impairment due to marijuana?, what other substances were in these drivers?, road conditions, yada yada yada etc. I think you see where I am going with my problem with statistics!

  3. I am a caregiver for 2 patients plus a patient myself, and it is hard to get across to some prospective patients the initial cost to start a medical grow, not to mention trial and error time, I can empathize with the summer heat issue this year as it caused me problems with my crop as well. I would heed the good advice to drop this greedy selfish patient and get another , with the facility you are mentioning , and the great genetics-this should be no problem! Keep it as friendly as possible, keep it green and always keep growing!

  4. Hi Dr t and Mrs j! I'm upset I missed this meeting, but I had to work, kind of glad that I didn't miss pb I will be requesting the next mtng off! I hope to meet many more kind people, I am very interested in topicals for a new patient of mine. My phone is driving me crazy , I'll have more to say when I get to the laptop!(and the vape!)

  5. Hi Dr. Tarzan,


    I am a caregiver and patient, and want to be able to help others. I am interested in taking on a new patient, but am concerned about the quality of my medicine. I am so used to the strain that I have been growing, that I am not sure how the effects are, as I will not share with non-cardholders, and don't know any other patients besides mine. Any pointers on private patient meetings would be appreciated!

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