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  1. No one is going to be watching me learn my lesson, Im gonna be watching a few in here be humbled by how wrong they are! I didnt vote out of hate, I voted not to have the same ole same ole! plain and simple,,,,,,,,,I didnt beleive hillarys campaigne promises and I didnt beleive trumps either! Like all lying politicians they all make promises they cant keep, but trumps first 2 yrs in office is gonna make or break him, if he can get good things done for this country he wont be around in 4 yrs and the reps will lose control of the house in 2 yrs! Do you realy think a guy with a huge ego
  2. He isnt even in office yet! all of you will eat your words and look like idiots when all is said and done, once again mmj is not the only thing wrong with this country, If people think they have to only vote for politicians who are for mmj than we realy have problems, Nothing is gonna happen that wouldnt have already happened, These new anmendments that just happened to the mmmp happened before this election, You are all acting like trump and his cabinent is already doing something, They are doing anything other than putting together a cabinent,,,,,,The marijuana movement is gonna keep
  3. I vote,,,,I did my job! Go Fucck your self! I don't have to vote for a XXXXX because you resto and zap say so! Lay down with your dogs and rest. I don't need you!
  4. You want people to answer you. They can't they are banned from here. You like to quote my deleted post's also! I see you finally lost it like your buddy's lol! Your in here talking to yourself lmao! It's to bad you were the best of the worst! Peace
  5. . Maybe people don't want to come back! We can't say our opinions here. Unless it is the same as resto and zap. That's the unfortunate bottom line. Peace
  6. There are different levels between 500-1'500 plants. I believe the permits run between 5k and 10k. There is wording that says something like "if"the amendment is hatched out!?! Some have said it could cost up to a million to set up a com grow! Peace
  7. They are actually talking about a recount! That should really help the haters! If there was a recount and the person with the most popular vote some how wins,,,I would accept that! Peace
  8. How can that be? You said the sky is falling, nothing changed? Im so glad you are starting to heal! I am thrilled with how my c.g has been for over 5 yrs now, I truly hope he does well in the comm grow he is trying to start, untill than I just hope he remains low key! but im not his boss and I wont get my plant possesion back untill he wants me to! I wish every one had as good of a c.g as me, Im thinking highlander and grassmatch are realy awsome c.g's! (I have personal experience with one of them) The other just dont like to talk to strangers lol! I have never met a stranger, s
  9. I believe mine is going to try and get a comm grow license. If so I hope he succeeds! That is how I will lose my c.g! I wish him the best! Peace
  10. These are Hillary people does this make you happy? Wow I wonder what would have happened if trump lost? Would/is this type of behavior acceptable? Wow
  11. I am sure our deal will be over soon. I have all of the equipment and place to grow my own so all good. And I hope my c.g does awesome when/if we part ways! We agreed on our deal! ✌️️
  12. I have had a c.g for 5yrs. I get a plant every other month free! I haven't paid for mm in 5yrs! Sorry! NOT! Lol. It's our deal. I'm good. He is good! Peace
  13. I have an awesome pain clinic dr. They write my Rx s as long as my mm card is up to date. When I p dirty for thc. They don't renew me but as long as I'm legal and have their rx's in me I'm good to go. Peace
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