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  1. Hi I am a patient w my hard card plz pm me
  2. Just wondering if anybody has been to the om of medicine in ann arbor just wondering on pricing and quality http://www.omofmedicine.org/about/
  3. Another person trying to get rich off the sick ....
  4. Here's a link to the article http://www.freep.com...-on-city-ballot Another example of government going against the will of the people.
  5. Mite-rid is an organic miticide that has cleared a 6 yr borg infestation from a friend of mine http://mite-rid.com/
  6. Azamax will leave a chemical taste in buds if used 4 weeks prior to harvest so far mite-rid has done the trick of a yearlong infestation for a friend of mine
  7. I know that THCF offers discounts to low income patients...
  8. Just wondering how successful people have been putting clones into bloom after they are rooted for two weeks i have heard that yield is smaller but the buds are denser and more compact due to lumens reaching well enough below the canopy a friend has told me he can get a qp off three plants this way..any comments would be appreciated Thx MajStoner
  9. I have yet to speak to Randy but it is true that Pete is no longer interested in handling the meetings, ill give him a call today and see what we can get going for Sept, as far as August goes maybe we could hold the meeting at the library w a closed meeting for mmj patients afterword...i'm jus throwing that out there but ill post something after i talk to Randy
  10. This may be some help to peeps http://www.minorml.org/Vote2010.html
  11. Always do the work for yourself never let anyone send in your documentation, what was the name of this clinic? Personally I think the docs at THCF do the best job, and they do offer a sliding scale for us poor patients.
  12. I have heard of a case in CA where a father and son where over the legal limit for mj, in that case the defense argued they needed that quantity of mj to treat their symptoms, if you are willing to pay and you have a debilitating medical condition a jury may and i say may find you not guilty. Probably gonna cost you at least 10 grand though....
  13. Always remember to try to take the ball in your own court, if the clinic is reputable I am sure they would resign the doctors rep, and if you are too disabled to send these documents in let a trusted family member do it for you just remember it needs to be done by certified mail receipt, preferably personal check, to prove to the wolves (just in case) that your legal. Lets not start suing docs that are compassionate to the cause. Remember they too are human...bunny muffin happens
  14. Status update: Hash making didnt go so well i used 2 oz of trim and only got about 1.7 g excellent trim completely sugarcoated and frozen, i did it just like subcool or so i thought but it still bubbles so it was worth the 2 hour labor time i know im jus missing something in the mix...guess i need a hash making class
  15. Nope the third mj posession they gave me a felony for having a doubie gotta love macomb county..so nope i cant be a cg but if mj is legal now why cant they retroactively remove these convictions if i am legal to posess now... cough....
  16. This charge is a misdemeanor but it has cost my insurance to rise by 2 grand i recently read that the mi supreme court overturned the drugged driving law regarding marijuana metabolites which i was just wondering if it was possible to get my conviction overturned because that is the only thing they found in my system i cant be a cg b/c of a few mj posessions in the 90's and one in 2003. But i am a card carrying patient now, but if i could get the marijuana possession off my record i could be a cg
  17. Hi i recieved a 2008 operating under the influence of drugs charge because i had marijuana metabolites in my blood system can i get this charge removed from my record and how do i do that with out a lawyer? (Disabled and broke) I am a legal patient now. Any suggestions comments would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Well Ive got the bubblebags but i am looking for a new recipe to make cold water extracted hashishy, i have had varying results and think i am doing something wrong i need a tutorial but all the ones on youtube suck. Here is my mix any suggestions would be great... Step 1: Dried trimmings in 1 gal bucket Add ice and water to top of mash (keeping it at approx 45 deg) Step 2: Blend for 30 min Let stand for 20 min Step 3: Pour mash through the screens and work Yellow bag seems to contain most trichs Out of 3 ounces trim i maybe get 5 g hash PLZ HELP
  19. Just wondering if anybody has the contact info for the person who started the chapter a few months ago i would like to get the club up and running again
  20. Hi I am a patient with my card looking for quality meds my caregiver has had a problem with mites, the meds taste like chems, I cant grow on my own otherwise i would I live in houghton lake and if there is anybody that can help me please pm me thx Rob. Card issued 12-15-09
  21. Wow what a difference in pics, Im gonna have to bite the bullet and just wait it out. Your right its way too early im just gettin leonard fever but im sure the wait will be worth it maybe 3-4 weeks to go on mine. Ill post later pics when it gets close thx for all the advice
  22. the strain is free leonard and i am just now seeing brown hairs at about 10 % of main cola im gonna wait and flush in a week the wait is so harrrrrrrrrrrrd thanks for all the help http://pbckt.com/sx.dWfa
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