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  1. sorry this is a repost cause the mods locked the last one.. i didnt know the new rules with numbers... hey whats up.. we have some extra clones we ned to get rid of .. below is a list of what we have available .. only asking or a small donation for each. everything is rooted and ready, they are in rapid root cubes so they can go into hydro or soil applications. serious seeds : ak47 reserve privada: og kush reserva privada: purple wreck greenhouse seeds co. : hack herer i don't always check my messages on this site so if u r interested please contact me by phone... i am out of ann arbor we have a bunch of old post about our clones and quality of them if you want any referals or comments about them you can find them on this site in old posts.
  2. OH MY GOD I LOVE OUR JILLY BEAN... nice production beautiful xmas tree buds.. it's a great strain... thanks again to all of you who posted feedback we always appreciate it... and are glad that the strains worked well for everyone.
  3. abbenormal.. anyone taht returns to us get some deals so if u r in terested let me know so i can give you a price that's not listed on our website
  4. it;s an amazing producing strain with sweet dank donkey nuggets... it's a great strain
  5. thanks for the post abbernormal.. we greatly appreciate it.. . i have 7... there might be 12 but for sure over 3
  6. i have a few more clones available, we are out of ann arbor. here is the list of whats available you can contact me through a pm or email @ kindcaregiving@yahoo.com everything is rooted and ready to go! Mendocino madness: th seeds La woman: dna genetics Super Lemon Haze: green house seed co. New york city diesel: soma seeds Bubble gum: serious seeds
  7. bumper... i still have 6 wrecks and a few of the strains listed above .. we are letting them go with good donation prices
  8. ive grown critical + for a few flower cycles.. great smoke laced in trichromes... but the production rate is huge. it has a descent production rate.. is a very hearty and easy strain to grow... if you have any questions about it you can pm me or email me...
  9. widow is still available i have someone who keeps schedualing a pick up then canceling.. over and over.. so if anyone here is interested in 6 purple wreck clones and 6 medocino madness clones let me know i will break you a good deal if you can come get them tonight or tomorrow morning so i can get them out of my possesion .. all the clones listed and listed above have been rooted for over two weeks (4weeks old) and have all began veg growth. you can contact me by email or by pm... email is easier kindcaregiving@yahoo.com
  10. im sorry it's not medo purps... its medocino madness ... th seeds is the breeder origin
  11. hey i just had another member back out on 6 other clones so if anyone is interested in mendocino purps i have 6 clones fully rooted and ready
  12. that they are... we have many other strains and we generally introduce 2 new ones every other month.... but 2 current strains generally move out as well...you can find out site with our strains if u r intersted
  13. i have a few strains that were cloned and i had extras of so i was putting them up on the site you can contact me by email or through the mmma site. 2 cheese quake 3 wappa 7 dutch passion white widow 1 cole train 2 serious seeds bubblegum 2 jilly bean 2 amnesia haze
  14. oh aside from lawns.. it's out of your dishwasher soaps.... and other products i can't think of off hand
  15. I assume most have see the pulling of phosphorus out of the majority of every product that goes down the drains or comes into contact with ground water. They recently pulled it out of lawn fertilizers. So my question here is two things... one if it's being pulled out of the mass general use those of us who are on a small scale and have no choice but to dump waste down a drain, couldn't that be in SOME WAY traced to the area that it's being released? or is that extreme?? My next thing is they pulled it out of lawn fertilizers.... would they ever fight to pull it from general grow lines and make them replace it with a "Non polluting version" of phosphorus?? like a "genetically engineered phosphorus?"
  16. hey whats up .... i have about 15+ clones that are out of a batch i recently clones 2 weeks ago for people that didnt show up. whats left over i am willing to let go at a good donation price. below is the list of what is available contact me for donation prices. La woman x 1 head band x 3 jilly bean x 1 motovation x2 purple kush x1 blue hash x2 jack herer x2 critical x 3
  17. i don't know wix... but i build all my websites in dreamweaver... a link is in my profile for our caregiving one.. it was just update like 3 weeks ago and i have been so busy that i haven't had time to finish all the work on it but it gives you a basic idea... i can help you with most anything in dreamweaver...
  18. i know this is a late chime in.. but i can almost guarantee that there isn't a better r/o system than the filter guyz... it's a small company with high quality products.. they originally became huge due to reefers (saltwater reefers that is) because of the ability to almost always achieve 0ppm.... i have ran it on ann arbor city water... right now my ppms before entering my RO/DI system is 378.... it comes out at 0... and has for the 3 years i have owned their system and replaced the filters through them... If you are going to buy your system at their website it's a small price more to upgrade from a ro system to a RO/DI. Without getting into the science of it you are creating a much purer water that has very little contaminants ... but for a A grade quality system I would never recommend anything else... you pay like 169 for 3 stage r/o systems in some places which is really crap.. here’s their site http://www.thefilterguys.biz/ro_di_systems.htm i run the 5 stage system that’s priced at 160.00... their ppm meter is a really good one too that measures your levels before it enters the system and after it exits...
  19. oh i didn't see where you were located..
  20. i have your sensi star.. our profile contains a link to our site that has our clone list.
  21. check out our website link in the contact information secton

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