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  1. plus its getting harder and harder to even find CFL's since the ban.... King i Don't ever change T-5 either until they blow... and since they seem to blow after about a year i would say i replace most of mine annually as needed. i bought a case of plusrite (24 bulbs) and it lasted until about 3 weeks ago (2 years). issues in veg - could it be water temp? i have showed some issues due to my incoming water getting so much cooler after traveling through my pipes and chilling because of winter... the other thing is are you using reverse osmosis? i think i remember you use straight h
  2. thank you T- i sincerely appreciate all your critical thinking and resource management practices.
  3. i found this interesting.... thanks for the link,,, a good read this morning Tobacco, for instance, seems like it would offer a comparable case study, but doesn’t give us much useful information. The tobacco industry has EPA approval for many different kinds of pesticides. (Then again, Big Tobacco has some of the world’s most persuasive lobbyists.) And nobody’s arguing that tobacco can be used as medicine for cancer patients. An average cigarette contains dozens of carcinogens and hundreds of toxins, including arsenic and glass fibers, and even smoking tobacco in a pipe or a hand-rol
  4. this part bugs me- V.A. Misstates Federal Law In fact, no provision of federal law blocks the department from allowing its doctors to fill out medical cannabis recommendation forms in states where it is legal, even under continued federal prohibition. In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a federal ruling finding that doctors have a First Amendment right to recommend medical cannabis to patients, as long as they don't actually provide marijuana. The only thing standing in the way of government doctors recommending medical cannabis to veterans is the V.A.’s own int
  5. ive been shoving it down my VA doctors throat since the first day i got my card... she used to be quite opposed...not so much any more...
  6. thank you very much T i meant to go back and fix that i just totally forgot. things around here have been hectic to say the least... i hard there was some kind of controversy about the release date of these rules? anyone else hear anything about that?
  7. wow.. rest i can't believe how much i agree with you lately LOL... well said.
  8. good point.. MMMA does protect a patient for internal possession... however that being said.. if you were driving while impaired and found yourself in front of a judge trying to explain yourself you would have an up hill battle at best. i am certain if you were driving and say tested positive at a check point and found yourself in front of a judge it would absolutely help in that case like rest said.... however if your ever nailed for impairment... not sure how much the card helps. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE IMPAIRED. By any substance or item to include but not limited to: ea
  9. i want to say why did he try to reopen after being told no? i feel so much compassion for these folks but i also cant help but wonder why he got himself and all these other people into so much trouble? was it money motivation or did he truly try to connect patients to quality cannabis at super affordable prices? he opened back up several times after being told not to.... what motivates a person to do such a thing?
  10. correct they did it with the Walsh package of bills in 2012 which left all of us with the bad transportation rules added to the wrong section of the law after they voted the condensed 4 bill package down..well 3 of the 4 at that time. i watched it live via the internet back in 2012... then they left the session, went behind closed doors while we all went to bed. When we woke up in the morning all 4 bills had been passed with the required super majority at 420AM. it does not take much effort at all to gain a super majority. .. well ok it takes a lot of effort and a bunch of deal
  11. http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-78089_83746---,00.html Medical Marihuana Facility Licensing Frequently Asked Questions DISCLAIMER: "The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice." Application Questions Please help me with the terms. Who is an "applicant"? What is an "affiliate"? Who must file an application? Who is subject to the disclosures in the application process for a medical marihuana facility? What is a "true party of interest"? When can I apply for my license? What are the differ
  12. i hear what your saying however.... even tho under recreational rules everyone can grow their own cannabis at home... it still means no one can sell - except caregivers. i suspect recreational people will be very similar to the way patients are now and either choose not to grow at home, will not be able to grow at home, or will not be any good at it and still want to gain their supplies from a storefront. a lot of people will try to grow... some will even do ok i bet.. as a caregiver i am direct competition to a regulated and taxed entity because i can legally sell to
  13. ask yourself this one question- do you really think the state of Michigan will allow a mostly unregulated caregiver/grower system to operate right along side of one that is regulated and taxed to the end degree? why would they allow us to undercut their money maker? it seems as tho my days as a caregiver are most likely numbered and dwindling... i can only hope they leave us alone, however i really and sincerely doubt they will... my prediction is near July of 2018 they will announce it after a super-majority congressional vote that takes place around 420 where in they anno
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