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  1. I will not have insurance I guess I just die if I get sick. Social Security will be decimated - its code word is an "entitlement" its been on the Repubs hit list for years. I cant imagine how it feels today if you are Hispanic Black or Muslim. Never never never did I envision a president of this country be one who was endorsed by the newspaper of the KKK. I'm frankly sickened
  2. So if I have the infamous pan of Brownies I'm still over because they are still counting the total weight. What about just oil ??? I'm confused and prefer to err on the side that keeps me out of court
  3. No way that these provisioning centers are a viable business model with just medical patients. The costs are just too high and they will be competing for a small pool of customers. Crap how many of us know patients that can afford to even buy half ounce at $150 an ounce. The profit margins got really slim with that bill, and their will be too many competing for too few patients. As that bill sits now anyone crazy enough to open a dispensary, become a commercial grower, or make oil or eatables is going to wind up with no more profit margin than any other business. Who wants the hassle of de
  4. My only experience with DMSO is with horses. The biggest drawback is the pungent odor taste you get immediately after touching it. It lasts for days. Its a strong garlic taste/odor. It has been used in animals for decades.I don't know how you would get around the smell/taste issue. I used it on one of our horses and the barn smelled for weeks after one use, I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for days either. I was careful not to touch it but I still got nailed. The effect is immediate too.
  5. Hows the food safety regulations working for you all? Yep how many food recalls do we have, seems like not a week goes by and their is yet another recall - I notice way after the fact and most folks would have consumed the tainted products. Yep that's what we need more regulation for the sake of safety. The statement "Im from the government and Im here to help you" are the scariest words to hear.
  6. And the rest of the story - the police wonder why he public does not respect them
  7. Vets spoiled???????????? Even if that was true THEY EARNED IT. They got shot at blown up served in God forsaken poop holes on and on and on. Yep we should spoil them. Without vets Hitler would have won We would not have a friggen country to complain about without them putting their lives on the line. Don't even mention what the families of servicemen and women have to go through. Good grief. As for the medical treatment through the VA it has been top notch for my husband, far far superior to what is available in any private hospital .As a nurse I am able to tell the difference in care. You ca
  8. This makes me sick. how do these politicians sleep at night. You have got to be a special kind of donkey rectum to gouge the sick. And yes I know the drug companies have been doing it forever. But MM is a plant they have no R&D money in yet somehow our society has found yet another way to screw the most vulnerable
  9. I did not know about this method. Sure seems safer than butane. it looks pretty simple too. Things like this are so beneficial to newbies who are looking for safe ways to make medicine. Ive been afraid to use the other methods, plus butane or alcohol doesn't seem like something I want in my meds Is their anyway these methods can be listed in one place on the forum for patients. This would be very helpful to newbies. Ive bebobed around here a lot looking for alternatives to blowing myself up and not found this method. not saying it wasn't here but it wasn't easily accessable How about chang
  10. Well the dirty little secret is that a lot of longer term Hospice patients are getting Hospice because it is a way to get more services for patients who cannot get services they may need any other way. The system has figured out Hospice can provide needed services that other agencies cant provide.
  11. http://markmaynard.com/2016/01/could-the-flint-water-crisis-have-its-origins-in-a-desire-to-increase-fracking-in-michigan/ Well we might have the reason all those children were sacrificed. Their is much more to this story Im sure of that. I just hope Snyder rots in the deepest depths of hell,
  12. I just read this book it is a must read to understand just how deep the corruption in our society is. Id say it is the best book I have read in a few years. We are doomed if the situation does not change. Wall Street means to take every last dime form you and I it can, the subprime debacle was designed to screw the working poor and now they have moved to the college students and elderly [reverse mortgages] I know their is a movie but the book is so much more informative
  13. use a glass jar - and keep the jar in the refridge - very little smell
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