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  1. It's coming told everyone beginning of virus I was going to spread / share the love it's in the mix Bro and I'll break hearts while Lifting Them
  2. They can suck it because I'm me ain't doing anyone dirty ride that lighting to trial
  3. Cool beans the common feel was I was doing someone dirty when I was offering up GIFT
  4. So if I was to share a photo of 1 plant that was grown in last five months that would cover my previous stated requirements for signing Caregiver for next 2 years I'd be an donkey rectum RIGHT?
  5. Cool beans I missed some responses That explains the #2 verse an original right?
  6. Querious does Your version have an oderiforous profile? Perfumery or dank stank?
  7. It did not have the stank at the end of the day I guess the nose knows LOL
  8. Resto I've got a line on headband my question is does the good version start to show purple on the tops at this point outside?
  9. 10000 comedians Out of work Your trying to be funny? In case your earnest Thumb and forefinger top 1/3 rd of plant rub stem with moderate pressure and let the oderiforous pheromones fly
  10. BrianVegsTops Hey nice looking plant. You do the stem rub she put some Stank on it? I hope so Your doing fine Bro LST is a good technique. Every seed is an Individual and capable of showing recent parentage to 2000 years ago. Yeah I give props to Breeders but this plant has been harvested by man for a long time. HOPE SHES A KEEPER!!
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