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  1. That's a 420 present Timing is everything LOL
  2. Resto what's the scoop? Can I crack 12 more beans? The whole reason for me posting add for Caregiver was to error on the side of caution. It seemed to good to be True. I value Your input.
  3. Great question. Pretty sure the new rec law stipulates 12 plants per residence. Even if 2 or more people 21 or over also live there and also would like to grow. The medical law is separate right? As long as they are labeled and separated? Or did the rec law render the medical law moot?
  4. I get both sides of what is going on today. I realize damed if you do damed if You dont. You may not believe it but I Love Everybody. And I wish for Prosperous Days for Our Country. And I'm a Big Fan of Uncle Trump. Please I Pray that Everyone stays healthy If I make it through this I will make it a point to Share the Love. Stay safe and keep the Faith.
  5. Eagerly awaiting Bass opening My new spot these days has a plethora of Brook Trout streams also. Huge Salmon too.. Share a picture but I dont know how anymore LOL think I got it.
  6. Resto in the beginning it was legit for me to be a Caregiver and be in possession of more than 12 plants. The Law changed it is what it is. As I stated above I am a legal patient and have gone to great pains and sacrifices to never being a party of shining a bad light to this movement. That said I Rock what I can Bro. And the people I was a Caregiver to never spent a dime. I have shared everything I've learned about this Plant Freely and Honored to have a platform / (soapbox) in which to do so. Thank You Mr.Komorn. Besides Me Resto Your the only other 1 to be banned from here that I remember and yet here we are. You look on my music thread ugly kid joe tomorrow's world that one was for You. Hey I get it this concept just rubs certain people wrong. It's all good this Cracker will endeavor to persevere.
  7. So Black Sabbath Children of the Grave comes to mind. As a side note this concert was held on my first Birthday.1974 April 06. Just remember We outnumber Them.... look at the crowd and be Brave cause You Children of Tomorrow are the Children of the Grave.
  8. Yeah 7.0 to 7.5 is all good the simple 4 drop color coded method works for me. It fits my pocket book too. Past experience working with high PH in battle creek city water.
  9. Keep it simple distilled vinegar drops ph arm and hammer baking soda raises it good idea to let it sit .before testing simple four drop test. Shake and bake.
  10. I'll vote for Industrial Dank and make it Stank. Sacred Reich Salvation
  11. I know where's the big bribe and profit money in that. In the pocket of the People!
  12. One subject about the whole Marijuana movement really just has me perplexed. Ok so farmers can now grow hemp but it has to have a super low THC level. Goat ropers are charging up to 65 dollars a gram for high THC hemp. Let's pass an initiative for unrestricted hemp. And let the chips fall where they may.
  14. Dude monopoly that registers. But it's still We the People Right? I am sick of the corruption.
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