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  1. Grew up working in the fish houses in Cortez fl. While still in middle school wash my clothes 3 times still smell like fish while getting ready in morning old boys had morning fish report on news show would play bluegrass music live had a saying he said every morning If Your to busy to go fishing than Your just to busy. Lol as for smelling like fish catching school bus Scooter and I both had 1 pocket full of smoke the other filled with money.
  2. Notice I said patient Caregiver verse Caregiver patient. There is no Caregiver without Patient Savvy
  3. The patient caregiver coalition cool beans on the effort to get support. Truly I'm glad You see the writing on the wall. My question is this where was the concern when felons where excluded from being Caregivers talk about a group of people that have a hard time landing employment. It was a voter initiative by what 63 64 %. Yet the legislature with a 3/4 vote took thier right to help friends and family away at least legally speaking. So why not take action legally with class action lawsuit based on potential lost wages that those people already where forced to lose. My thought is You win that
  4. It is what it is .I'm going for self sufficient myself good luck all meet You on the Barter tip
  5. Human Nature? How can this information be kept once known? Answer truthfully Self Preservation? Greed? And why do I keep sharing it?
  6. Hey United we Stand You know the rest. But a big part of it working is Free Speech. And let the Individual decern thier own Thought Right?
  7. Rhetorical. I believe in virus and taking precautions. But tin foil hat and all I believe We are under attack. Be glad to be wrong Really.
  8. Dude? I'm talking about for 150.00 a year being able to grow all the chitty weed I want no fence just a sign. My mindset is getting Pulletizer and making feed for livestock rock the gambit on that. SAVVY?
  9. When the med law passed I was able to be caregiver. I can assure You it was family members the price was FREE. So the legislature passed a 3/4 vote and took my right as caregiver away fast forward rec law got passed so now I can give away to unlimited michiganders as long as their over 21. I DO IT WITH BIG SMILE ON MY FACE WITH BLOODSHOT EYES
  10. So if it came out in future the vaccines have heinous side effects Your all good with it. Coming from a scenerio that most medications have bad side effects cue a girl dancing in field of daisies while voice in background lists horrible side effects. Rectal bleeding Blindness lol
  11. hit for 300.00 main event ticket. finished top 50 out of 600 hey i give props to michigan homegrown.POSITIVE VIBES TO ALL
  12. Cant wait for the hype to die down med passed price went up. Michiganders will Persevere and the price here will be lower than california mark my words
  13. Nope no beans or clones that is counter productive of 20 dollar grams
  14. So wheres the cut off? Going to demand certification for tomatoe plant? I have been hitting up local dispensaries on clones and beans. The red tape is Jacked
  15. On a side note thankfully I'm able to cash in on pokerstars again under same name same game ain't a damed thing changed. Good luck all
  16. Mr.Komorn when the medical law was first passed I was able to be caregiver for my Mom. Then the legislature had a 3/4 vote that changed the voter initiative. I'm asking is there a leg to stand on in getting that reversed? I'm able to help many due to the recreational law being passed but I'm a bad guy if I get compensated. Whole new job opportunities opening up in the state in the canabis industry but I'm not eligible for these either. I'd be self sufficient and tax abiding given the opportunity to serve 5 patients not to mention the added plant count would give the opportunity to give away th
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