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  1. Well hope all is well and everyone is prospering This one I had to share *broken link removed*
  2. 2 percent lol at 20 bucks a gram I think it should be 20 percent or higher
  3. Defend all Defend all you want sure enough my personal preference may shine through oh my
  4. Well niggggers come in all flavores not a racisist just keeping it real
  5. It's nice to kick a person when their down shows character to be truthfull the guys got big balls maybe he got hooked up with the wrong people peanut comes to mind But the nuts to stand up and do what you believe in well if I can help it ill keep em out of the weather. While I'm confessing ill share I would love to open a veggie stand on my property and sell Dobbies for .50 cents apiece guess what I'd have traffic backed up for miles selling nothing but smiles
  6. Hey bob is he now homeless? If so contact him and see if he's interested in a camper with wood stove I have chainsaw too.. I also have some vegetable seeds a few thousand to get him back on his feet
  7. Soft as cotton pusssy aaas phuck boy won't be forgotten soft as mommys love can you feel me now? Lol
  8. Monkey paw Kind bud Murple purple Pine coning paralizer Those strains are the real deal enjoy Also Sky walker Cristal boom Witches tit Golden dawn Swamp thing Dank and stank Mantuska thunder puck The list goes on and on millions of variations this plant has been loved by many for thousands of years lol
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