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  1. The entire system is ALL about people sharing meds. A caregiver shares the meds he/she grew with their patient. You CAN'T go to CVS for cannabis. CVS isn't limited to helping five people. To compare it to any prescription drug is absurd.
  2. The "problem" is that I get buried under questions while several people do everything they can to discredit me. Two or three .. I might be able to handle. Maybe I missed the question you expect me to answer when I decided to ignore CL. With CL that time, I was fighting at least four people at the same time here. HOW MANY DAYS OF THAT CAN YOU STAND? So .. am I in error when I say people blow up houses with butane?
  3. WOW You are about to become a target! By political process, this site has determined talking about curing cancer with cannabis is a sin. The OP can NOT receive an honest answer to his question.
  4. Ahh!! Mal's an Obama supporter. Explains a lot. I trash out Obama all the time.
  5. Please forgive me .. I must have missed it .. When did someone fire off the starting gun for me to do what??? This is something I've been trying to work for a few years. Do you have some sort of script that I should have read?
  6. Ahh .. you presume he is correct. I was accused of such things here. I chose not to answer at the time. Still won't.
  7. Remember that jerk that said we should turn in our licenses!!!
  8. Breaking News: Michigan Supreme Court Driving with any presence of marijuana protected by the MMMA http://courts.mi.gov/Courts/MichiganSupremeCourt/Clerks/Recent%20Opinions/12-13-Term-Opinions/145259%20Opinion.pdf
  9. LOL Dow Chemical seemed to think I was qualified.
  10. I'll try to answer that again. I don't recall. IF I did, it was more than 30 years ago.
  11. I might have when I worked inside the labs of Dow or Dow Corning. As a lab tech. Or maybe when I worked inside the plants as a general laborer.
  12. NOT the naphtha that Rick used. He used a "light naphtha." Any idea what that means?
  13. Butane is a hydrocarbon. bp of "naphtha" .. depends on which one you are talking about. Rick talked about the naphtha that boils below the bp of water. Hexane has a bp that runs 66-70 C. So far that matches his description.
  14. Hey!! better!! A quote of the law. What's the difference between a "qualifying patient" and a "patient?" The qualifying patient is registered ...
  15. WOW!! clever use of words .. bravo. Sir .. you have confused the code of law and Supreme Court rulings. What you stated may indeed be in that ruling, but only an illiterate moron would think those words are now contained in the law itself.
  16. Look .. you inserted that word "only." So what I call that is fiction.
  17. The MMMA provides exceptions to the PHC. Another law may be passed that also provides exceptions to the PHC. The passage of the MMMA did not rule out all other laws being passed without 75%. Other exceptions to the PHC can be passed ..
  18. It does not specifically forbid that. The law LACKS permission to do those transfers.
  19. I like this. Not locked into it yet. Turpenes .. There are those "other" compounds that are in cannabis. Some of those solve into alcohol best. Some into hydrocarbon solvents. Some into water. There is a lot of overlap between these groups of cannabis compounds. There ARE some that are exclusive to one of the solvents only. Temperatures used in the extraction process will change the resulting oil. BECAUSE of Simpsons EGO he has left us hanging for years about identifying exactly what solvent he was using in Canada before he went on his long vacation. The main hint he has, in Run From the Cure, is that the "naphtha" he used had a boiling point lower than water. Hexane might actually be the "naphtha" he used.
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