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  1. Hey Mr.D. Maybe you could care less OR maybe this may interest you? As we all know I conjured some of your work as stated in the ongoing thread. The overall growth pattern was pretty stable among the phenos. Found one I liked and it's similar to the clone I picked up a while back. The environment and the nutes are way different compared to when I grew your pheno of LC years ago. So there is big variant in growing out LC this time around. The LC pheno flower I have selected is nice and I find her medicinal make-up to be uplifting, I feel happy and content. It's not the most potent but
  2. There's a supposed "Red-Pop Faygo" pheno floating around in metro-detroit??? Won some award at High Times Cup this year... Maybe for Wax? Spoke with another CG and he claims it really is legit with "Faygo-Red Pop" flavor? That said, I'm skeptical.
  3. Little update: One nice female... Decided to push her to obtain larger plant mass. Plus don't like to flower in mid-summer. Should be exciting to see its floral expression. Will post some pics when it's gets interesting.
  4. These LC phenos are beginning to show expression and of the 5 beans I summoned for germination. Three of five look to be male (two for sure, one looks like its going in that direction). Mr. D had visited this thread and made some points regarding his work with Lemon Cake. The lemon cake beans I popped were my beans (read the posts from earlier in the thread to hear how and why, etc). Mr. D was right with his stability of plants expression. What I have observed is the 5 plants share similar structure and leaf signature. In other words its pretty easy to tell their siblings. These females
  5. Sure... This question is bigger than the circumstance in question. Really glad to see the MMMA collective using their medicinal wits to contribute as to why. Thanks again.
  6. Little ones still babies. Once were teenagers will post.
  7. How then were the samples selected to send to the dispensary? I don't know. Presuming that was at the discretion of dispensaries in question. Were samples selected randomly? Again, don't know. That mostly likely is at dispensary discretion.-- CG in question only took overages in. At that point dispensaries picked which medicinal sample to test. Did the same individual select the samples? NO... Each dispensary (individual) sent their own sample from same harvested batch with similar conditions in CG's grow room. All plants in question were from same cloned mother.
  8. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/20/marijuana-legalization-congress_n_6722686.html Will see where this goes...???
  9. Ahh, many good responses! Thanks for the feedback. Need to clear up a few key points. This was based on a conversation regarding overages going to Detroit dispensaries (perhaps one or two in Ann Arbor?). There not my overages. Based on the conversation I was not told if all the plants in question were harvested at once. That said, knowing this CG I would presume so. These plants were fairly large at harvest. There very well could be varying degrees, multiple factors. So based on where the flower in question grew. Top, middle, bottom, etc... (via that particular test sample
  10. A question has be presented to me regarding lab testing in metro Detroit. This is an interesting one. Key point one: Same set of cloned genetic. Key point two: In this grow room (with same cloned pheno of flower material) with very similar conditions throughout testing results vary from 16% THC to 25% levels. Key point three: Material tested was via various Detroti dispensaries accounts through well know metro-Detroti lab. Same group of medicinal material (overages) donated throughout dispensaries Will hold back my view as to why the testing variables occurred. Listen
  11. Right, I side with GM... Reason being if one still pops so called "stable strains" there is not true duplication occurring in offspring. Rather a higher percentage of selected traits from breeder's description of traits... The breeders showcase their mouthwatering best of the best when they exhibit photos and testing results. Chances are if you were going to pop 72 beans not one would show EXACT qualities to the what is being showcased/exhibited. A good analogy of this would be the Galápagos Islands. If in time one was to inbred the same genetics for years common traits would beco
  12. Waiting for these little ones to grow a little then will post some pics... Teenage days fast approaching, oh how time flies!
  13. Perhaps you listed before GM in a previous forum or thread? If you could be so kind and list the minimum requirements/materials for one to be somewhat successful in tissue culture. Like to begin my search with obtaining TC supplies. Maybe a straight to the point book in regards to simplifying process... In other words for the garage/basement lab rather than the university lab. I have seen kits available but if I can obtain OR already posses such items I rather not order a kit (save $$$). Thanks for any input
  14. 2lbs 0_o!!! You accept bit coin?Maybe they will eventually come back home to you?
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