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  1. So I have to setup another camera. It also seems as if I can't do anything about this. fml.
  2. Military school isn't happening. I'm calling an attorney friend in the morning. I wanna press charges so so bad.
  3. My other idea was murder. ... or wait for the next court date and hope.
  4. RandomS, you hit the nail on the head. Wife was 18 when she had him and hes had very little discipline. I wondered why when I first came into the picture around age 10 a few of the family members made comments about me doing a good job cause hes less of a terror. I tried to continue disciplining the kid but my wife would take offense and it would create a fight. (unreal). I eventually thought it wasn't worth the fight. I'm not the kids father. Any thought of touching him and the law would take me to jail. There was nothing I could do but divorce, and my wifes great except for this b astard. We are going through the motions... bunch of different counseling, more counseling, meds, more counseling, case workers, 2 judges, now waiting on this trial. It suck. He will be evicted at 18, but thats over 1.5yrs away. We talked about him going to his grandmas. That hasn't been pushed as much as it should be. We have been going though the court process and everytime we get a court date we have high hopes for resolution but it has yet to come. I'm afraid this is going to be dragged out even longer. Probably a contract and or probation that he will not obey, but it will delay the process another month or 2. Should I report this to the police? or is that a dumb idea? (No evidence, police knowing about and possibly inspecting my grow, etc.)
  5. I hate to put this out there but I'm having crazy problems with my 16yo stepson and need help. Heres a summary of whats happening. He won't go to school, or listen and he punches holes in our walls, among other things. We filed incorrigibility charges against him. He wouldn't plea guilty and its currently set for trial, Jan. 14th. Now about the theft. He has stolen from my grow in the past. He found a hidden key and gained access. I shut my grow down partially due to this. I recently started to grow again, and again made the mistake of hiding the key. The other day I came home and found my doors where not shut properly. I examined the area and was missing some marijuana. The kid found the keys again. (He doesn't go to school so he searches the house for whatever he wants. If we lock a door he will break it.) I'm flipping out at this point. I setup a camera. The camera was there for a week and a half and isn't hidden very well. I come home today to find evidence of someone messing with my room. I view the recording and all you see is my camera suddenly get pointed to the ceiling, then after a few minutes it gets put back in position. He moved the camera tried to get in the room without the camera watching and put the camera back. He did not gain access because I used dummy keys. ------------- My question is what can and should I do? I would like to call the police, but don't have much evidence due to the camera being tampered with. Plant count, licensing and medicine is all in order according to state law. Please help asap, I was thinking of going to the police tomarrow but want advice to make the proper decision.
  6. The problem I see with kids is from middle school age and up they are going to have peer pressure. This peer pressure is going to cause them to want to impress their friends. So they may brag about how their parents are growing marijuana, which may lead to the other kids asking for proof, via the actual product itself or just a leaf. Now those kids tell their parents and it snowballs from there. Then of course, just like when you where a kid and you snuck alcohol out of the house to drink with friends... This same thing may happen with marijuana. This all happened to me with my high school kid. Now all doors remain locked. Even small personal use medication has to be locked. I use to keep a small grinder with my person use meds out, just kinda hidden, that doesn't work it must be locked up. So once you have that main problem locked up. And you have talked with your kid about it, there still is one more problem.... The Smell. Even running a carbon filter, UV filter & 5g of Ona Gel you still will probably get a smell every now and then. The smell problem is gonna suck because your kids will have friends over and you do not want them knowing you are growing. They will tell their parents, peer pressure your kid and/or even plot to steal. Thats my take on kids and legal marijuana grows.
  7. I said the light quality is equal or better. I followed that by saying it doesn't throw light as far (penetration). I know this because I have been into saltwater tanks & coral propagation for over 15yrs. During that time I did alot of research on the subject and designed quite a few setups. Electrical and lighting is also my profession. I'm just saying....
  8. Bump for the weekend. We got a 12" single branch sative & a 18" pretty bushy indica. Thank you . Anyone else got an extra plant or 2?
  9. Hi guys, I just finished designing and building a grow room for a new medical marijuana patient with brain cancer. This guy is in bad shape , and I would really like to help get him some plants to get started. I gave him a few clone cuttings but those are probably 2 months away from being anywhere near flower. If you have some extra plants you could spare it would be greatly appreciated. He has a 6 plant HYDRO setup. Hydro plants would be the best, sometimes dirt can't take the transition from dirt to hydro. Send me a PM please. I'm willing to pay $ for the plants if needed. Thanks!!!
  10. H&G is some of the best stuff on the market. Especially if this guy is even admitting it. He should know, he copies the best stuff and relabels it as his own with a higher price. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tfxXmw8it4
  11. I found the problem a few days ago. I recently changed my room up and made my veg room very small. Well long story short, all my lights go on at night while I sleep and I almost never check my room in the morning. One morning I check my room and its hot as h@ll, including my rezzy water. So looks like the problem was hot rezzy water, causing root rot. sucks. I knew I would have a temp problem and planned to correct the issue before summer, but it happened too quickly. I guess 2 600w ballasts & a 6 bulb T5ho fixture is too much for a sealed room of <50sq. ft.. I'm moving the ballasts outside the room and adding a small fan with thermostat to exhaust the air when temps get to high. I hope my plants make it.
  12. I added some mag and very little nitrogen. Thanks.
  13. Not sure what the story is but everyday I keep getting more yellow leaves. Stats: Aero Young plants Fresh water and nutes Ph. 5.8, although this morning it was 5.3 Cutting edge solutions, nutes. Temps, low 67*, high, 78*
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