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  1. I have been using a product that I got on Ebay named, Dr. Bronners peppermint liquid hemp soap. IAdd 1-2 drops of it per gallon of water (for soil) and have had no issues with them eating on the roots. I still see them on the fly sticky boards, but not effecting the growth at all! Highly reccomend!
  2. For sure you may get ten pounds outdoors in northern California, but not in a small indoor personal garden. Indoors we can yield up to 4 ounces a plant (on average) per 1000 watt HPS. I make a tincture with a ounce that only lasts about a week, plus I still puff occasionally for those moments of instant relief of pain. If you only need a qurater ounce a week, well then that may good for you, but not the "real" sick pateints! And have you did a complete and thourough research on how much cannabis that one needs for certain levels of illness, spasms, pain etc...? I bet you have not even got clos
  3. This is exactly why I do NOT attend any of those so-called compasion clubs, and have heard of many cc's having issues with money among leadership. If you really want to pay for a great organization, go with NORML. I just think that since the mmj law passed, that there are so many out there that want to capitalize off of it. This is why I do not agree with some caregivers transferring their medz for high dollar, which is most of them. These people are in it, just for the money, and talk about being soo compassionate, but yet, get a high dollar amount. Just look at the prices at the dispensa
  4. Since the stats at bottom state "Poor, when flowered at a cutting of 8" to 12. I'm sure means to veg this one for alot longer than usual. Kind of like the UK Cheese, or chem sour. Then you will get a better yield indoors. It takes digilence and patience for some of these cross strains. Good luck diamond!
  5. I love my volcano, and I have tried most vapes out there. And I still ended up finally buying the volcano. It is quite bulky, but very awsome! I am a little confused by the olive oil to make bho?? Don't you mean you make a oil tincture? Mmmm intersting sincerely dazed and confused LOL!
  6. Those are the outside of my plants, because they are so huge! I do the "bending" method to try and keep the canopy level. Plus, I only have a 7' ceiling height from floor to ceiling. Good idea to place shorter plants on buckets! Thanks.....
  7. I only give ph balanced water at the last three weeks of flowering. I have no issues with the final product either. I don't flush, only my toilet ROFL!
  8. In my opinion, manure indoors draws in fungus gnats preety easily, and also, I would add a1/4 bag of perlite for better drainage. I have found a product that combats gnats completely! It's named Dr. Bronners peppermint hemp liquid soap. Add 1 drop per gallon of water. I have never seen anymore gnats since using this, and can find on eBay for about 9 bucks for 8 ounces in a plastic bottle.
  9. I guess that if you have your meds tested, and it comes out like that, can't be all that bad. But I smell testosterone LOL! I know we need to help folks out, but I myself, am not worried about an extra 15 bucks on a gram. Or, testing my meds, because I know there good. I just think it's great that you can do it, just the same as everyone else, and I'm sure that they all come out around the 70% as well, without testing. Keep up the good work Tarzan, and have fun....
  10. motownbass

    Blue Dream

    I obtained only one seed of this Blue Dream from a friend in California. And it happened to be a girl!
  11. motownbass

    Blue Dream

    From the album: Blue Dream

    The colors in this Blue Dream are awsome, and smells like pine and berries!
  12. motownbass

    BD Bud

    From the album: Blue Dream

    This is another shot of the Blue Dream
  13. motownbass

    Dr BD Bud

    From the album: Blue Dream

    This Blue Dreams' genetics came from L.A. California
  14. You can get a smaller bottle of azamax for about 25 bucks. That stuff goes a long ways too, plus if you are adding fish oil indoors, that attracts gnats. I stand behind using azamax, and proves it works!
  15. Very good and I agree with the AZAMAX product. I sprayed that on my plants, and no more spider mites. I also spray every pre-flower right before I put them in the flower room with azamax. Another good idea is to get HOT SHOTS insect killer. They hang in the room, and everything will be dead for up to three months! I do both...and have no issues. You can get the HOT SHOTS at Home Depot for around 8 bucks and there is two to a package.
  16. I myself have been trying to obtain the true genetic of Panama Red, and Columbian Red Bud
  17. We all have to remember that what effects one person with a strain, may affect another person differently. I have that pre 98 bubba kush, and have had one person have a blackout for a couple of minutes. But most others and including me, just very relaxing! And a nice berry taste and what a body stone too!
  18. If I were you, I would have gone with the 400watt. At least you will get a somewhat smaller harvest, but better for flowering than the T5. The T5 is good for small vegging and clones...Remember this a 400 watt will yield about 1-2 ounces (if every three to 4 months) a 600 will yield between 3-4 ounces, a 1000watt can yield up to 6-7 ounces. All in how much you have to spend, and the more light = more yield, especially indoors.... That T5 runs on 432 watts and only produces about 20,000 lumens. A 400 watt HPS produces about 45,000 lumens, a 600watt HPS = 90,000 lumes, and 1000watt HPS = 14
  19. There are multiple ways to combat those little critters. The best way is to start with the traps, and get two "Hot shots" in a package and can get that at home depot. They have a hidden barrier inside a plastic container that you place in your flower room (or veg/clone room) Next buy Azamax from the hydro store, mix and water your plants (if infested in soil) and spray your pre-flower plants right before you put them in the flower room. Also, spray the top of soil and kinda saturate it. But you want to right away water your plants with a mixture of the azamax and water. This stuff is totally s
  20. Well to me that , "anchored, attached, or affixed to the ground, six sides, located on land that is owned, and equipped with functioning locks or other security devices" Sounds like you can build a small building, or greenhouse that has glass in which you can not see through. IS PERFECTLY LEGAL!
  21. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz why waste your energy on raising beneficial bugs, when you can use a very safe product on the market named "Azamaz" Just mix as directed and safe for human consumption too!
  22. \ I agree with you Medcnman, Azamax is a very safe product, plus I heard it could be ingested (not as a dietary thing) just heard that's what a rep from the company did to show how safe it is for humans. I have used it on plants that had mites. Like I said, HAD! I spray it on every pre-flowering plant that goes into the flower room. No more mites since! And it's been two years since I have been using it....GOOD STUFF MAN! </p>
  23. Wow I have'nt heard that about superthrive turning your plants male, and I have been using it right along for a mild foliar spray on veg plants. As well as, using it for every watering for clones and veg plants, at a very low dose. I also am trying a new product for transplants so they don't stress, it's named "No Shock" Has a NPK of 1-4-4 by Advanced Nutrients. Have you seen a difference by not using superthrive?, and maybe you should use female seeds instead of regs. I would go with clones, and stay away from any genetics, this way to make sure your getting "all female" plants....jmo
  24. I quit fertilizer three weeks before they are ripe. If you know the plant and have been growing the same strains, then should know approx. how many weeks they take in flowering to ripen. My ashes when smoked are totally light grey, smooth too
  25. Remember KISS? Keep it simple stupid, ( just an accronym) I would go along with the pro-mix with micchoraze (spelling?) I use three part FF nutes with three drops superthrive, and ph balance water to 6.4 The three I uae is FF Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Micro-Brew (which has all trace and beneficial micro's) and cal-mag (like longhairbri's) During the flower phase I don't use the Grow Big or superthrive, but use FF Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, and Micro-brew. I fert once a week up until the last 3 weeks of flowering. I'm averageing 3 1/2 ounces a plant. Ialso am trying a new transplant product (j
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