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  1. For sure you may get ten pounds outdoors in northern California, but not in a small indoor personal garden. Indoors we can yield up to 4 ounces a plant (on average) per 1000 watt HPS. I make a tincture with a ounce that only lasts about a week, plus I still puff occasionally for those moments of instant relief of pain. If you only need a qurater ounce a week, well then that may good for you, but not the "real" sick pateints! And have you did a complete and thourough research on how much cannabis that one needs for certain levels of illness, spasms, pain etc...? I bet you have not even got close to the real answer either!

    Don't put your foot in your mouth, oops, looks like you already did LOL! Personaly I think to have a good successful perpetual garden, we should be allowed 16 plants, not 12...

  2. In my opinion, manure indoors draws in fungus gnats preety easily, and also, I would add a1/4 bag of perlite for better drainage. I have found a product that combats gnats completely! It's named Dr. Bronners peppermint hemp liquid soap. Add 1 drop per gallon of water. I have never seen anymore gnats since using this, and can find on eBay for about 9 bucks for 8 ounces in a plastic bottle.

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