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  1. I removed that outer "white" filter on the charcoal can. That will just make your fan work harder, and is unnecessary. My fan started making louder "whirring" sounds and I removed it and my filter lasted another 6 months without clogging..(esp. dust) Remember that outside filter is good for about 6 to 8 months, the charcoal is millions of years old, and only needs to either be cleaned or replaced. I replaced my filter after 14 months. Looks good though!!:thumbsu:

  2. I would just like to add some positive critism, and please do not be offended. But your plants are suffering from not enough light, and I see those shade lines, so I believe your using a T5. I only use my T5 until the plant is about 4-5 inches tall, then I move under a 250w metal halide until they reach 12" tall, then I flower them under two 600watt HPS lights. You will triple your yield, trust me....

  3. Aha! So your the puppet master, with all those freakin' strings LOL! Plants look very nice bro! What the heck you tying those plants to above them? I always been told to use bambo sticks. Does tying them make the buds healthier? I have had some huge buds on sticks though. Anyway, GJ! :goodjob:

  4. This looks like you have an aphid problem, or spider mites, or some kind of bug issue. If you see aphids, then you can either go to grow shop and ask what is best for you, or get some ladybugs and they will kill them, without using chemicals. If it's spider mites, then go to the store for sure... :rolleyes:

  5. Why are you growing such tall plants for? You surely can see that you are bending those sativas over. I would grow cross strains if you want the sativa side as well. Plus I bet those did not ripen until after week 11. :pic:

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