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  1. imiubu, good to see that you are still here as well, it's been a long time. Thank you for your story, I can totally relate to your story, alcohol I did use. Haven't had a drink since Feb, 1976. Cannabis is my meds of choice, big pharma kills.
  2. Happy to see that you are still around helping others as you always have. Love you brother.
  3. I'm not so sure they don't have access to our information at LARA.
  4. I clicked the take action button and sent the letters to my elected officials. It took less that 2 minutes. Thank you T for posting, glad to do what I can.
  5. Not only will there income be blasted, their jobs are at risk. And to that I say "Boo-Hoo." We all have the right to be and should be pissed. I hope that this will spur many more to do what is necessary to free us from our fears (LEO).
  6. Bob, this is a good post, it should serve to tinkle each and everyone of us to write, call or visit our representatives and demand that this law be passed. I will compose mine today and I will visit my rep during his next open office hours. I hope that every one of you do the same. Until we do, nothing will change. Thanks for this informative post, until now, I never heard of the bill(s).
  7. We in America have amnesia when it comes to our politics, we never seem to remember in November how badly they screwed us in the previous 2-4 years.
  8. Let's vote NO on the gas tax and no on anything else they want us to vote for. You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back type of thing. Of course, we are not united (I've been reading the fighting and bickering on this forum for years now), so how the hell are we to get anything done?
  9. In the words of the immortal Peter Tosh, "LEGALIZE IT."
  10. Voter apathy during the mid terms is a common occurrence year after year especially concerning the democrats. I would not be surprised to see the republicans thrown out on their arses in the next election cycle. Ah, I forget, America has a short attention span and even shorter memories. Who is going to remember the dirty dealing with the gas tax 2 years from now? I will.
  11. It's to bad America has amnesia, hope she gets that issue resolved ahead the 2016 elections. I really don't know why I was surprised at the timing of the press release.
  12. Grassmatch, thank you very much for this post. I have spent only a few minutes at unitedpatientsgroup.com and love it. So much useful information along with a good helping of hope for so many.
  13. I spoke with Mary from CHC, Oct 9, 2014 and I was told that the Charlottes Web is not the actual "CW," it is actually "CW" like, meaning that it has similar cbd/thc content. My information is that the Stanley Brothers have not released CW at this time. I am not a representative of tgagenitics, but I am a very satisfied long time customer. Having said that, you may want to research the following 2 strains, Pennywise and Hurkle. I have just started both and am testing 2 other high cbd strains as well. Pennywise - "In over 70% of tested samples the CBD was in the range of 12-15% CBD
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