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  1. agreed, PH is too low. i have great luck around 5.8 in bloom. 1000ppm? If your girls aren't burning then keep doing what your doing. I haven't ran those nutes. Get those girls a good flush and the right ph and youll be fine.
  2. I would not my unborn child exposed to that. Why take the risk, seriously.
  3. With this big snow storm coming tomorrow I wanted to try and prepare the best I could for an extended power outage. My main concern is the light timers in the bloom room. I don't want to the lights to go out and then turn back on an hour later. Should I just leave the girls dark all of tuesday just in case? Or am I worrying too much?
  4. ROFLFMAO This sentence alone takes any and all credibility this guy might have had. I wonder what his take is on booze??? Cancer healing?
  5. Even they know they we got em on the ropes. Why else would lies be taken to this measure. Legalization for all is upon us.
  6. I have a couple clones available. 2- Sour D 1- Big Bud Rooted and in rockwool. PM me
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPCKaKEKd14
  8. Peace out! Im moving to Hawaii! If ya'll need any meds when you make a visit look me up. Free meds to Michigan card holders!!
  9. Where are you going? Good looks on the ride but I got my own setup and might be able to meet up if you get a crew together. Prob be two of us if I can make it.
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