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  1. Thanks for all the responses, I know that it is ultimately my responsibity, but My caregiver knew I have alot of problems with my memory and I would need some help "remembering". I have several lesions on my brain that makes remembering even the smallest things a challenge. But thank you everyone for all of your responses.
  2. So I recently lost my caregiver. I had the same caregiver for a few years, I have M.S. and have had some memory issues. MY "caregiver" dropped me after we both lost track of my renew date, and was expired for a little bit. My "caregiver" Put all the blame on me and dropped me. He also has a card and if i'm not wrong has to have his paperwork together for all his grows. To make it even worse he barred my from the local dispensary that he co-owns. I'm now with no means to grow my own and no caregiver. I know that this falls back on me but shouldn't he take some of the responsibility? I'm confuse
  3. Looking to buy a used notebook. Don't know size I will need. Have cable internet and just really want to get online watch some youtube. Can anyone help me?
  4. So this is my first grow and I think its time to harvest...I think? not sure... mod fixed title
  5. I have a easy vape. I'm still looking for the best temp but right now I'm at around 300 degrees.
  6. Man I'm glad I posted when I got my seeds! Didn't write anything down. But know I know..Ya me..

  7. Just got my first seeds today! Their -blue julie ann (blueberry x cindy99) x jedi 41. I'll start them tonight. I'm just starting 4 of the 10 to allow me to make some mistakes!

  8. Was wondering how much for a light for growing? I'm new and will only growing 2 plants indoors. Not sure how much I really need and how much is overkill! I'm disabled so my income is really limited. thanks

  9. is waiting for his card...15 days my donkey!!!

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