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  1. Whats Scammy or Spammy about that post? I was wondering if anyone on here has ran MY genetics here? I also ended it with a question. I posted in the right categories. I AM NOT THE OWNER but just one of the breeders for this seedbank. So What did I lie about? I been a member here for a decade!!! My screen name is peacefulfields & Im being treated like Im trying to sell you a extended car warranty? Their is a reason I quit coming to this forum. And by the disrespectful activity still going on here I can see why most people have moved on as well.
  2. The title is "Where to Find Seeds" & I jumped in Hi Im local & you can find seeds at New Holland Seed Bank. I inquired about paying for an ad & have not been emailed back in 48 hours or so. Im a local breeder that also trades genetics & or looking for more Distributors. My best Retailer does very well to say the least. But go overseas with your hard earned money & pay over double for smaller weaker genetics. Admin remove all my posts if you feel its spam.
  3. Yes I agree its wise to just not medicate in your vehicle. If they smell burnt product your getting a DWI. Here in Grand Rapids we still don't have legal access for meds. Just proves once this state gets their hands on things its been total chaos & corruption & a huge shortage on tested meds.
  4. Just Delete my 10 year old spammy account then please.
  5. Im sorry if you both feel that way. I guess im being treated as a fake but far from fake I am. I provide high quality seeds to the caregivers of Michigan for a very long time. I dont feel that Im in the wrong categorys. But I will pay for a ad send me the link to post a ad if would be so kind.
  6. Im sorry if you feel that way Bill. Im been breeding since 2008 & in business since 2012.We are local & produce Michigan tested quality genetics. Feel free to take a look. We also meet locally via appointment only. I have been a member since 2009 as well & was real active in this forum at one time..
  7. Here are a few Large Frosty Autoflowers From New Holland Seedbank. Done in under 10 weeks from seed not just flower. And yes if your a great cloner you can yield quite a bit more if your a master of deep water culture.
  8. West Michigan based www.newhollandseedbank.com Over 30 Strains of Autoflower & Photoperiod Available...
  9. Hello has anyone tried this seedbank out of West Michigan? www.newhollandseedbank.com They have the largest selection both with High CBD & THC Strains of Feminized Autoflowers & a good selection of Michigan Outdoor Photoperiod genetics as well. What are the laws on seeds as of 9/2019
  10. Hey you stole my user name... Can I have it???

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