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  1. I like that this post has been up since yeasterday and not locked up. Can seem to understand. Made a similar post Thursday and it was locked within minutes and this was before we were told we were breaking the law. SS
  2. So Im pretty sure this will get locked, but let's see. I've been growing Mmj for three years now and have never got seeds in mi. I don't need to get into detal where I get them we all know. With that being said I would love to find a reputable seed bank, guy, girl, dude, or what have u. I know there are a few on here or where, but I was off the site for a few months and can't really remember who they wheir. Any how let's see where this goes. Thanks SS
  3. Charlaviox county and yeah I can drive to tc for rooted
  4. Hey all, I'm in a pickle lost a batch of clones and was wondering if someone up this way could help out? Thanks SS
  5. Was lucky to find some, but not through the site.
  6. This is just going to be bad press for all of us up here! Not good at all SS
  7. Honestly when it comes to rippers if they find out where a grow is and want in I don't care if it's as secure as a prison (which people escape from) there is always that chance they will get it. No matter how much u prepare. I think the idea of this thread is to find better ways to protect yourself and your meds.
  8. I have a few freinds who had out door grows this year. I recommended to all of them to put bait pile cameras up and around there grow. All of them did had some out side of the closed locked facility and some inside as well. You can get some cheap digatl cameras these days and a bait pile camera which is basically just a motion sencer that snaps pics as needed. Any way long story short one of them had a guest visit a few times. He was in a mask so we could not identify needless to say a few of us hung out there for a few nights in a row and low and behold he showed up to a few spot lights and five angry guys. He ran, but never came back. Plants where all accounted for and cut down this week. So for those out door grows a bait pile camera can save your grow or atleast get photos of a ripper. Peace SS
  9. My room is sealed up like fort Knox. Have to shut the air exchange fan off to open the door. Thank u KD for the info that's the info I'm looking for. I will still be watching them close on there first few runs. You said six foot how long was the veg, wattage in veg and flower room? Ty SS
  10. Hey brother, yeah thrilled about finding them so close to home. It was actully kinda funny Joe it happened. A patient of mine where out to lunch with his father ( the last guy u would ever imagine to medicate with Mmj) I was discussing my clone issue with them trying to break the ice for my freind to break the news to his father he is a Mmj patient. Before my buddy had the chance his dad says " oh o can help you out with that SS. I lol thinking he is just fu**ing with me. Well long storey short we went back to his place after lunch and my freinds boy hood bedroom was a very nice grow operation. His father has been off of pain killers for a little over a year with the use of Mmj. Still can't belive the luck. At the end of it all my buddy's dad had known his son has been smoking for years and he felt no reason to rock the boat. Long ramble I know sorry about that but it was funny. Any how have you grown it in TR in soil if so what where your yields like, veg time, and wattage. Ty brother
  11. Hey all finally found some clones. Not only local, but very nice clones. All he had available was train reck and i was rather curious if any one here would like to share there experience with growing it and any other thoughts on the strain. Thanks SS
  12. Hey all, still on the hunt isms am callable of getting them today or tomorrow. I need 12 rooted for soil would like three strains if possible. If I don't get something soon my perpetual will be screwed up pretty bad. If u can help pm or start coverstation in here. Thanks SS
  13. This to me was a no brainier. Was not even going to say anything, but after seeing the post hit a few times I had to. Since I was a teenager it's been quality over quantity. You can make money with garbage meds I see it all the time, but would you want to be the person with meds that look good, but you yourself would not even smoke? Just my thoughts. SS
  14. Hey DM, Ive been doing this with trim for almost a year now. I actully like it better then the ice extraction. I put it in a keef press and make gram size blocks and divided between myself and my patients equally. I purchased a bowl that fits the chunck almost perfect, like they were made for each other! Lol. Any how I highly recommend this. It's easier and way less time consuming as ice water extraction as well. Just thought I'd throw out my two cents. Peace SS
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