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  1. cashed 7/23 issued 8/5 expires 9/1 got 12/3
  2. i started flowering 1 week ago timer at 14/10 i havent only changed light cycle once 24/7 to 14/10 so not sure what u mean dont change? or change to 12/12?
  3. this strain(bob) starts buding in 2nd week july outside thats how i thought to try 14/10 1 week in flowering if by 2weeks no buds i should move it to 12/12
  4. mailed in on 7/20 cash 7/23 will i ever get it?
  5. not sure but i think lummens dont stack so u not getting 1600 watts ur getting more coverage just thought id put this out there read up on it peace
  6. lose leaf count sorry i mean my leafs have 7 parts per leaf node above put out 5
  7. plants in veg 24hours under 1000w mh ppm just over 400 ph at about 6-6.5 thinking i should move fert up.
  8. What could be causing this? First two runs always went up, guess i need ph up now. What is the cause? Thanks if u can help.
  9. has not set their status

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